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Multi-directional diffusers that complement the overall effect of the panels by removing the floating echoes caused by the geometry of the rooms. The diffusers expanding waves by creating reflections distitintas homogeneous directions, favoring an equal heard throughout the room.
The sound quality increases creating an enabling environment for speech and communication.

Benefits and Applications
Getting a more homogenous sound for users of auditoriums, etc.
Structural element of the acoustic conditioning systems
Generation surround sound effect in music halls
Neutralization of unwanted reflections and possible interferences in recording
Acoustic and decorative integration in a single product .
Domain floating echoes without decreasing the intensity of the wave
Avoid problems or interference with PA systems and rooms with sound reinforcement
Removes focalizations in enclosures with circular architectural designs.
Create enabling environments to talk and listen more clearly in crowded public spaces : LOBBIES , RESTAURANTS , CONFERENCE ROOMS , CONFERENCE ROOMS , HOME THEATRE, AUDITORIUM , ETC. which is intended to generate a good sound environment .

Piece of MDF or solid wood lamellar of 1200x100mm , of various depths for placement with double female , in Ral or varnished finish .
The union of lamas generates the most complete diffuser system. You can place a street between slats with acoustic fleece to get sound absorption .
Possibility of fireproof MDF and up to 30mm deep.
Estimated Weight: 1,10kg . per piece .
Acoustic Reflection: Sound absorption minimum not exceeding 0.2 Sabines absorption coefficient . Highest reflectivity .
Acoustic Diffusion: By design the sound waves collide and ruts evenly.
According to the characteristics of frequencies to broadcast / high or low ) you can change the width and depth of the grooves between slats.


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