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Soundproofing Installations


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Acoustic Flooring Insulation

At The Sound Solution our soundproofing and acoustic flooring insulation products have been purposely designed to offer residents a solution against common problems of noise - including domestic noise pollution and noisy neighbours. Without appropriate acoustic flooring insulation or soundproofing products in place privacy can often be invaded.

The impact of domestic noise pollution is commonplace in all types of attached homes such as flats which have been converted from large houses, or where the acoustic or sound insulation in the building is inadequate and extremely poor. Such properties require soundproofing solutions, and it is essential for those who are sensitive to noise, or for those who have noisy neighbours who behave unreasonably.

At The Sound Solution we are a leading provider of acoustic flooring insulation, floor soundproofing, acoustic underlays and much more, and we understand it is an important solution for eradicating problems associated with noisy neighbours and domestic noise pollution. Due to the important role our products play in the domestic household, we ensure they are at the forefront of technological advances, and their effectiveness is viewed throughout the design and implementation phases.

While it is common to hear noises such as occasional loud music and raised voices, it is rather unusual for you to hear the television or conversation from next door. If you can often hear such sounds your privacy is being invaded, and soundproofing is likely to improve your home life by significantly reducing the amount of noise pollution you undergo.

Soundproofing a floor is essential for increased noise reduction. For separating floors DFM acoustic floor insulation can be used between joists, and this helps to stop airborne sounds. Acoustic underlay such as our impressive NSSF7 AND NSSF7+ mats or our Barrier Shield help to stop impact noise from transmitting through both concrete and wooden floors, and they can also help to significantly reduce airborne sounds. An extra advantage of our acoustic underlay is that it's easy to install below almost all flooring materials including carpet, tiles, laminate or wood.

If you require professional advice and guidance regarding soundproofing floors, our team of experts are on hand to help. They have a wealth of knowledge regarding soundproofing, and they are more than happy to pass their expert knowledge on to you.

For further information about The Sound Solution and our range of products, or if you have any questions, please contact The Sound Solution today on: 08451 306269 and we will be happy to assist you. We deliver across mainland UK, and we can have your soundproofing products with you normally between 48 to 72hrs.

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