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50mm DFM Acoustic Insulation

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High density acoustic insulation slab sound insulation for walls, floors and ceilings.

Most soundproofing projects need acoustic insulation to reduce the transfer of airborne noise. DFM acoustic insulation is used in wall, floor and ceiling applications that require effective sound insulation. DFM insulation should be used for blocking and absorbing sound that would normally pass through ceiling cavities, stud walls and wall cavities. DFM is available in a range of densities, from 45kg/m³ up to 140kg/m³, Building Regulation requirements for separating floors stipulate a density of 45kg/m³, for most domestic applications we would recommend sound insulating with the mid density slabs at 80kg/m³. This density represents the best value for money spent, compared to the overall noise reduction, the higher the density the better the performance, however the sound reduction improvement reduces as you go up in density. Our wall and ceiling soundproofing systems use the 80kg or the100kg density slab to ensure high levels of soundproofing. DFM has a non cumbustible fire rating and will also increase thermal insulation.

DFM Slabs are classified as non-combustible to BS 476: Part 4: 1970 (1984) and Euroclass A1, Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame to BS 476: Part 7 1997 and Class ‘O’ to the Building Regulations.


DFM acoustic insulation slabs can be cut with a hand saw to fit any shape. DFM does not need mechanical fixings as the slabs will friction fit between studs and floor joists, cut the insulation slabs slightly wider than the opening to ensure a tight fit.

Product Information

  • Dimensions 1200mm x 600mm
  • Thickness mm 25 50 75 100
  • Weight various 2-4kg per slab
  • Density kg/m³ 45 60 80 100 140

Small quantities are delivered as small items; this item is normally delivered on a pallet.

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50mm DFM 1200mm x 600mm



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