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Acoustic Sealants

Acoustic Sealants are an important part of every soundproofing project. They are used to prevent noises from filtering through uneven gaps in a structure and disturbing people in other rooms or outside. Small gaps around window and door frames are common, but can easily be fixed with an appropriate sealant. As well as inhibiting noise they can also create a barrier against vapours, preventing them from entering or leaving a property. Application is very simple and will fit easily into any construction project.

Sealing gaps in the structure and between soundproofing materials is also a benefit because it will help to dampen external noises and minimise the disturbance they cause you. This is particularly important if you live in busy built up areas or close to noisy transport systems.

Choosing the right sealants for your project is important, especially if you want the right kind of finish. You need to choose one that will work well with the materials you use and create a strong, durable bond. It is pointless selecting one that won't bond well because it won't dampen sound as much as it could. Additionally it will affect the finish.

At The Sound Solution we have a wide selection of high quality Acoustic Sealants and adhesives available. As one of the largest specialists in our sector in the UK we strive to give our customers the convenience of being able to purchase all of the materials they need together in one place. From soundproof wall or floor boards to sealant, you can get everything you need with us. We'll deliver the materials swiftly straight to your door and even have installation guides to help you get the best possible results.

Acoustic Sealants is available in a range of sizes so you can select the right one to suit your project. We have selected sealants that will perform well and suit multiple applications, including filling in gaps and bonding soundproof materials to substrates. The multiple use nature means you only need to purchase a single product rather than several for different uses.

The sealant we offer is very flexible so it will easily fill gaps. Any excess material can be cleaned away to create a smooth even finish. It can also be painted over so you can hide it from view and not have to worry about it affecting your decor. When applied we advise that you leave it from 24 hours so it can cure and bond properly, then you are free to paint over it and continue with your project.

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