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Soundproofing Installations


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Ceiling Sound Proofing

Based in Yorkshire, we currently provide our services and products all over the UK due to a well established distribution network. The Sound Solution was founded in 1994 to fill an existing gap in the market. We were one of the first of its kind, and have remained at the top due to our hard work and dedication to becoming experts in the field.

Today we are backed with nearly 20 years of experience. In this time we have formed solid business relations, expanded our services, and provided our services to residential and commercial sectors across the UK.

Prolonged exposure to noise is one of the leading causes of stress in today's world. Our bodies and minds need time to rest, specially after a long day work. At that moment, the last thing we want is to be disturbed by uncalled for audio disturbances.

Unfortunately our neighbours or relatives might be living under a very different schedule than ours and we might find our need for silence disturbed. Loud televisions, gaming, parties, or noisy DIY projects can all equally cause us annoyance and increase our stress levels. In the long run, these disturbances may bring us serious health issues. This is a classic case in which wall or Ceiling Soundproofing can benefit you immensely. This is a job for The Sound Solution, we will aim to make you as comfortable as possible, as far as noise reduction is concerned.

If the above scenario sounds familiar and you wish to inquire about relevant services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You can send us a message to info@noisestopsystems.co.uk or if you prefer, you can call us at 08451 306269 or 01423 339163. Our friendly and well informed staff will be able to provide you with assistance in regards to technical aspects, and information about our products and services.

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