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Soundproofing Installations


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Ceiling Soundproofing

Ceiling soundproofing to soundproof ceilings, ceiling insulation materials, acoustic insulation for ceilings, noise reduction for noisy neighbours

Soundproof ceilings in a flat or house using combinations of ceiling soundproofing products, reduce noise from noisy neighbours including, TV noise, music and footfall transmitting through your ceilings with ceiling insulation, acoustic ceiling hangers and ceiling soundproofing boards.

Insulate between ceiling joists with DFM acoustic insulation for ceilings to stop airborne noise, if you don’t want to remove the ceiling apply the NSSC2 or NSSC2+ panels over the existing plasterboard. Increase the level of airborne sound insulation by hanging the panels from soundbreaker bars.

Use the ceiling systems to soundproof an existing ceiling and reduce high levels of airborne and impact noise, Ceiling System 1 or Ceiling System 2 should be used if you can remove the existing ceiling, combining the ceiling insulation, acoustic hangers and soundproof boards supplied in these systems reduces airborne and impact sound. If you can afford to drop the ceiling height an independent ceiling will achieve an increased level of noise reduction as well as complying with Building Regulations Part E. Soundproofing guide for help and advice How to Soundproof a Ceiling.

Ceiling soundproofing materials

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