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Soundproofing Installations


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Independent Ceiling

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Independent ceiling soundproofing

The independent ceiling soundproofing system can be used to reduce extreme levels of airborne and impact noise. This ceiling soundproofing system will reduce the ceiling height by a minimum of six inches; this can vary depending on the span of the room. Independent ceilings or suspended ceilings are often used when soundproofing separating floors that need to comply with Part E. Due to the break in structure between the existing ceiling and the new ceiling sound can not easily transfer from the existing ceiling into the independent ceiling, this greatly reduces airborne and impact noise transfer between rooms. Combining this type of ceiling with an acoustic mat or a floating floor will ensure new build and conversion projects meet the current regulations. If you are considering this type of ceiling soundproofing you should use qualified trades people to ensure the new ceiling joists are installed correctly before you add the soundproofing materials.


DFM 100 (80kg/m³)

DFM products are manufactured to a higher density than other mineral wool slabs and provide improved Soundproofing acoustic control across a wide range of frequencies. Effective sound proofing insulation is an essential requirement for modern life styles. Excessive noise maybe from noisy neighbours can increase stress, hinder speech and can cause its own form of environmental pollution.

DFM has been proven over many years to be the ideal Soundproofing insulation material for all applications where noise attenuation or noise absorption is needed - in Soundproofing in the home / domestic, commercial, manufacturing, industrial and environmental situations. In addition to its acoustic properties, its well known thermal insulation and fire protection performance are inherent benefits. DFM acoustic insulation is available in a variety of thicknesses 25, 50, 75 and 100mm.

Soundbreaker Bars

Soundbreaker bars reduce sound transmission between floors and ceilings when hanging plasterboard on your ceilings. The bars are available in 3m lengths, 70mm wide by 15mm.

Acoustic Plasterboard

Acoustic Plasterboard is designed for use in areas where sound reduction is of particular importance. Its high mass helps block and absorb sound energy, giving enhanced acoustic performance to the wall or ceiling. It complies fully with BS EN520 and is categorised as Types A, D.

Acoustic Sealant

Seal around the edge of plasterboards to ensure a complete acoustic seal. 

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