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Domestic Soundproofing Walls Floors & Ceilings

Domestic soundproofing solutions to soundproof walls, floors and ceilings in homes that require noise reduction. Don't be disturbed by noise from noisy neighbours, increase the level of sound insulation within your own home. The Sound Solution supply materials for domestic soundproofing and noise control that are easy to install as a DIY soundproofing project and can be used to satisfy Part E Building Regulations.

Combine acoustic insulation materials with noise reduction panels and achieve high levels of sound insulation in your home, below are some of our most popular soundproofing products used to insulate domestic properties. Solutions include acoustic insulation, soundproof panels for wall and ceiling sound reduction, floor soundproof acoustic underlay matting, floating floors and complete kits combining all the necessary products to effectively soundproof ceilings, walls and floors.

Soundproofing Products

View our complete range of soundproofing products to soundproof a room, sound insulation for walls, floors ceilings and enclosures.

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Wall Soundproofing

Solutions for soundproofing walls can vary depending on the nature of the noise problem, what level of noise reduction is required and how much space will be lost in the room once the soundproofing has been installed? The Sound Solution provides two distinct wall soundproofing solutions, direct to wall soundproofing panels and wall soundproofing systems. We can provide a solution to reduce most domestic sounds that transfer through walls, noise reduction for TV noise, conversation, barking dogs, music, studio and cinema room walls. Below are some of our most popular wall soundproofing solutions.

Direct to wall soundproofing panelDirect to wall soundproofing panels - If you are looking for a wall soundproofing solution that will stop domestic sounds from transferring through party walls, and will only reduce living space by less than 45mm then use the thin wall soundproofing panels NSSW2 or NSSW2+. Soundproofing for party walls and stud walls without losing living space.


Wall Soundproofing System 1Wall Soundproofing System 1 - This complete solution combines DFM acoustic insulation, soundbreaker bars, 18mm NSSW1+ wall panel and acoustic sealant. The materials supplied with this system will soundproof high levels of noise generated by noisy neighbours and other airborne sounds coming through your walls. Reduce sounds generated by noisy neighbours coming through your party wall with Wall System 1. For more information, click here.


Ceiling Soundproofing

Improve the acoustic insulation of ceilings using ceiling soundproofing systems and products to soundproof against airborne and impact sounds. We provide solutions for soundproofing domestic ceilings constructed of timber joists as well as solutions to be used to soundproof below existing ceilings. Find out how to soundproof a ceiling if you are removing the existing, or soundproofing below the existing ceilings.

Ceiling System 2Ceiling System 2 - Soundproof a ceiling with this solution; replace an existing ceiling with the materials supplied with this solution to reduce most household noises that can be heard through ceilings, this method can also be used to soundproof a ceiling to meet Part E Building Regulations if you add an additional layer of acoustic plasterboard to the materials supplied. For more information, click here.


DFM acoustic insulationDFM acoustic insulation - Use acoustic insulation slabs to soundproof a ceiling to increase the reduction of airborne sound transfer between floors. Acoustic insulation is supplied in higher densities than thermal insulation this means it is more effective at reducing airborne sound transfer. Insulation slabs can be cut with a hand saw and friction fitted between floors and ceiling joists. For more information on acoustic insulation, click here.


Floor Soundproofing

The Sound Solutions floor soundproofing solutions include acoustic underlays and floating floors to soundproof wooden and concrete flooring. A majority of homes are constructed of timber joists with floorboards and either lathe and plaster or plasterboard ceilings, this construction will offer little protection against airborne or impact noise, our solutions will help reduce both types of noise transferring through the floor. We also provide soundproofing for separating floors to meet Part E regulations when carrying out conversions and new builds.

Acoustic underlaysAcoustic underlays - The Sound Solution provide three types of acoustic underlay, Barrier Shield which is used over wooden floors to reduce airborne noise transfer between floors. NSSF7 is a 10mm acoustic underlay used predominantly below carpets to stop impact and airborne noise, or the NSSF7+ a 15mm acoustic underlay used below tiled, wooden and laminate flooring to reduce high levels of impact sound generated with this type of flooring. For more information on our acoustic underlay mats, click here.



Floating floorsFloating Floors - This type of soundproofing is used in new build and conversions to create a separating floor to meet Part E Building Regulations. Lay floating floors over existing floors or direct to joists. A floating floor isolates the sub-floor from the rest of the building, it should not come into contact with the walls, this will reduce the possibilty of flanking noise. The resilient layer on the floating flooring will reduce impact noise going into the structure of the existing floor and floor joists. Rooms such as music studios use floating floors to help isolate sound passing between rooms along the floor. We provide three types of floating floors, Noisedeck 27, Noisedeck 32 and Noisedeck 36, they can be used to soundproof wooden and concrete floors to meet Part E regulations.


If you require any help deciding which solutions you might need please contact us via email, or call us on 08451 306269 we are available to help with any enquiries from Mon-Fri 8.30-5.00.

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