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Modified Bitumen Membranes

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Our bitumen membranes are designed to suit the UK market and climate.

APPís, SBSís and self-adhesive membranes with different finishes and composite carriers to assure the highest resistance and stability in the winter and warm season. Our APP membranes are manufactured with a special compound that guarantees a good bonding and quick application to the contractor, even during the winter season.
Imperplas FV 25S

2mm sanded underlay fibreglass reinforced.
Packaging: 15 sqm per roll / 25 rolls per pallet / 375 sqm per pallet
Imperplas V30 film

3kg fibreglass reinforced with a PE torchable film on both sides.
Packaging: 12 sqm per roll / 25 rolls per pallet / 300 sqm per pallet
Imperplas 40 FP S

4kg polyester reinforced heavy duty underlay or capsheet, when protected against UV or painted with Eagle Reflective ALU Paint.
Packaging: 8sqm per roll / 30 rolls per pallet / 240sqm per pallet
Imperplas P50 Mineral

5kg mineral finish capsheet, polyester reinforced.
Packaging: 8sqm per roll / 25 rolls per pallet / 200sqm per pallet
Imperplas P60 TOP Mineral

High-spec, mineral finish capsheet that can also be used as a single layer on refurbishment projects.
Packaging: 7sqm per roll / 25 rolls per pallet / 175sqm per pallet
Eagle Top Duo Xtra Mineral

DUO is a high-tech capsheet that can be used as a single layer on most roofing systems with an external insurance backing for 15 years. It is manufactured with a -25ļc SBS compound on the underside to guarantee great adhesion and speed of application and APP on the upper surface to have a greater resistance against the UV rays.

The membrane is also reinforced with a tough 250grs polyester carrier to resist impact. DUO is available with different mineral finishes such anthracite, green and brindle.
Packaging: 8sqm per roll / 18 rolls per pallet / 144sqm per pallet


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