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How To Soundproof a Party Wall

Soundproofing Solutions for Party Walls

Find out the best method of soundproofing your party wall, the partition wall dividing two properties. The Sound Solution provide party wall solutions that increase the sound insulation of this type of wall by increasing the mass and separation of the walls structure, using thin wall soundproofing panels, or complete wall soundproofing systems. Read through this section for help and advice on which type of party wall soundproofing would best suit your requirements.

Direct to wall Soundproofing Panels

Thin party wall soundproof boards NSSW2 and NSSW2+

Soundproof a party wall using boards that you can apply directly to party walls, this wall soundproofing solution is very popular when trying to soundproof a room that requires minimal space loss. Soundproofing your walls with this type of panel will mean less than 40mm space loss to the room. Soundproof party walls to stop TV noise, conversation and other forms of low level domestic airborne noises. The thin wall panels we provide NSSW2 and NSSW2+ can be applied directly onto to the wall surface using a dry wall adhesive, when installing the boards you should try to seal the edges of each panel with an acoustic sealant, this will ensure a soundproof seal once the panels are installed. Once the panels are installed and sealed apply a plaster finish to the face of the boards. Find out more about installation of these products.

Acoustic Wall Systems

Wall System 1 and Wall System 2

Acoustic wall systems or false walls are combinations of products applied in a way to offer the highest levels of wall soundproofing, reduce high levels of sound generated by noisy neighbours, loud music, shouting and barking dogs. Wall soundproofing systems work in two ways, they increase the mass of the wall area and create separation, reducing the level of noise passing through the buildings structure. The systems are thicker than the direct to wall boards, but they offer a higher level of noise reduction. Wall System 1 is the thickest standard party wall solution at around 85mm, this system utilises DFM, Soundbreaker Bars and the NSSW1+ boards. To improve the level of soundproofing this system can be installed free standing of the party wall with a 25mm gap between the existing wall and the new wall. A thinner solution is Wall System 2 which is 45mm thick, this wall system should be used when a high level of soundproofing is required, but a minimal amount of space can be lost from the room, to increase the level of soundproofing soundbreaker bars can be added to this system to improve the sound reduction.

If you are soundproofing a bedroom wall because you are being disturbed at night we would recommend Wall System 1, background noise levels at night are lower than during the day, which means sound is more audible, this wall soundproofing system offers the highest level of noise reduction so should be used when possible to soundproof a party wall in a bedroom.

NOTE: When installing any acoustic wall system you should fix the new acoustic wall to the floor, ceiling and adjacent walls. If you fix the new wall to the party wall it can increase the level of sound transferring into the new soundproof wall.

Flanking Noise

Treating flanking noise is important when undertaking any soundproofing work to a party wall, sound transferring around a wall can reduce the overall effectiveness of the party wall soundproofing. Using the DFM insulation inside floor and ceiling cavities is the best way to treat this problem. Lifting the floorboards against the party wall and inserting DFM 100/80kgm³ between the joists, coming back from the wall around two feet should reduce any flanking noise issues.

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