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Soundproofing Installations


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Acoustic Absorbers

Ideatec is an innovative company specializing in sound absorption and diffusion systems. These systems are used in projects where the client wishes to dampen unwanted noise or enhance acoustic environment.

Products can be custom-made to suit any given situation and this flexibility is greatly appreciated by our clients. The combination of different systems, materials and designs gives a wide range of options suitable for every technical and aesthetic need.

Our flexible acoustic enhancement systems enable the company to adapt to the most demanding technical and architectural challenges, as well as delivering outstanding performance.

We offer a wide range of perforated panels for ceilings and walls to help defuse and scatter those unwanted sounds.

The Benefits of these items

  • Enhance the acoustic environment
  • Enable sound to be widely and evenly distributed
  • Neutralise reflections and possible interference with recording equipment or loudspeakers
  • Acoustically effective and decorative at the same time
  • Control floating echos without reducing waves intensity

Improving the acoustic environment in

  • Public Spaces
  • Lobbies
  • Restaurants
  • Conference halls
  • Meeting rooms
  • Home theatre
  • Auditoriums
  • etc
  • Enabling greater audibility and ease communication

For more information please visit our specialist Ideatec site at www.ideatec.co.uk:

ideatec: advanced acoustic solutions

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