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Soundproofing Installations


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Sound Proofing Materials

Sound proofing a room or home can be a difficult task and specialist materials are often used to reduce noise in terms or reverberating inside a room, or from gaining entry to an unwanted room or space. Here at The Sound Solution we believe that state of the art materials must be used to provide an efficient and highly effective sound reduction solution and, with this in mind, we use a considerable number of innovative materials which are specifically designed to reduce unwanted noise entering your home or business.

The range of materials we use includes Barrier Shield, a thin yet high density sheet which is purpose built to increasing sound insulation by reducing airborne noise in soundproofing enclosures. NoiseStop Foam, which absorbs airborne sound inside housing, machinery and small enclosures and Eggbox Profile Foam, a highly effective material for reducing noise reverberating inside an enclosure or room such as studios and cinema rooms. Foam and high density sheets are effective Sound Proofing Materials and they are used as an effective method for reducing noise reverberation substantially.

All materials that are used for sound proofing rooms are rated on their effectiveness of reducing sound. These ratings are regarded as Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings. The higher the STC rating for example, the better the sound proofing capabilities the material possesses. In today's modern world most windows, insulation, and even carpeting come with STC ratings although they are not specifically designed for sound insulation. Specialised sound proofing materials, such as the materials outlined, possess STC ratings but they have additional qualities that are purposely designed to deal with all decibels of noise pollution.

With a wide variety of highly effective sound proofing materials on offer to you we believe our sound proofing products are some of the finest products on offer across the UK and, with this in mind, it is vital to purchase our products if you are searching for a sound proofing solution.

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