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Acoustic Plasterboard 12.5mm

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Higher density plasterboard for walls and ceilings to reduce airborne sound transmission

Acoustic Plasterboard is an acoustic alternative to standard plasterboard. The density of the boards is higher than that of standard plasterboard. 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard can be used to reduce noise transmission through walls and ceilings. We would advise that this board should be used in combination with other products to achieve the maximum levels of soundproofing.

This plasterboard will not reduce noise on its own. We use this type of board for some of the wall and ceiling products we produce to improve its soundproofing performance. This product works well when combined with, DFM acoustic insualtion, Soundbreaker Bars and Barrier Shield.

Acoustic Plasterboard is designed for use in areas where sound reduction is of particular importance. Its high mass helps block and absorb sound energy, giving enhanced acoustic performance to the wall or ceiling. It complies fully with BS EN520 and is categorised as Types A, D.

Acoustic Plasterboard has a Thermal Conductivity figure of k = 0.24W/mK


1200mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm

Fire Rating:

Class ‘O’ Acoustic Plasterboard for use on walls and ceilings.

Thermal Resistance:

12.5mm = 0.05m2 K/W
15.0mm = 0.06m2 K/W



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