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Soundproofing Installations


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Soundbreaker Bars

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Acoustic hangers isolate plasterboard and soundproof panels from stud walls and ceiling joists to reduce sound and vibration.

Increase the sound insulation of walls and ceilings, reduce airborne and impact noise that will vibrate along solid surfaces such as wall studs and ceiling joists by attaching soundbreaker bars before you fix the plasterboard or acoustic panels. The bars are designed to reduce sound as it vibrates through the buildings structure; they also decouple the stud work and the plasterboard reducing the surface area that connects the plasterboard to the stud due to the unique shape of the bar. You should consider using the soundbreaker bar when you are considering soundproofing for walls and ceilings, the minimal space loss to the room make it an ideal product to use in a soundproofing system. Soundbreaker Bars are used as part of a Part E compliant ceiling structure for separating floors.


Soundbreaker bars are attached to timber or metal studs using screws. Fasten the bars by screwing into stud work through the predrilled holes that run along one edge of the bar. Once you have attached the bar to the stud work the wide flat flange should be facing into the room, if using on a wall the wide flange should be pointing upwards, so when boards are attached to the bars they pull away from the wall slightly. We calculate the number of bars needed based on square meterage, one bar per sqm for wall soundproofing systems and one and a half bars per sqm for ceiling soundproofing systems.

Soundbreaker Bar Spacing

  • Walls 600mm centres
  • Ceilings 300-350mm centres

Product Information

  • Length 3mtrs
  • Width 45mm
  • Depth 13.5mm
  • Sound Reduction 4-6dB




This item is classed as a small item. When ordered as part of a wall or ceiling system this item will be delivered separately from the items on a pallet, the bars are to long for the pallets, they will be delivered on the same day. 

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