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Barrier Shield

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Acoustic barrier very versatile can be used in all applications to soundproof a wall

Barrier Shield is a very versatile and cost effective material. A high density mat, this flexible material can be used in any situation offering a sound proofing reduction similar to that of a sheet of lead, except it is far superior in terms of versatility, availability, cost and handling. Will increase the density of an area with minimal space loss, increasing the soundproofing performance to the area it is used. Suitable for all applications when trying to reduce noise transfer through a wall.

Product Specification

Barrier Shield is a compounded and processed mixture of thermoplastic organic polymers, phthalate esters, mineral fillers, stabilizers and pigmentation.

Product Specification

Barrier Shield 5kg/m³

Barrier Shield 10kg/m³


1200mm x 1200mm

1200mm x 1200mm







Customer Review

''We hung Barrier Shield onto our stud work before we applied the plasterboard, we have certainly noticed a difference between this wall and other walls in the home that we didn't use this product. Will be using it again in the future.'' Harry Fuller, kettering

Barrier Shield for wall soundproofing

The versatility of Barrier Shield means it can be used to reduce sound transmission as part of an acoustic wall system. Barrier Shield works best when it is combined with acoustic plasterboard, bond the material between two layers of acoustic plasterboard to significantly improve the performance of the boards. Alternatively fasten Barrier Shield directly to the stud frame before you fasten the plasterboard.

Enclosure Soundproofing

Barrier Shield can also be used to line the inside of enclosures to reduce airborne sound transmission, combine with an acoustic foam for the best results for this type of application.


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