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Soundproofing Installations


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Shower pump Kit

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The domestic shower pump kit will soundproof small shower pumps and any other small domestic pumps. Don't be disturbed by noisy shower pumps use our soundproofing kit to reduce the noise. The materials supplied with this kit will be enough to line the inside of an enclosure around a pump that measures 25cm x 16cm x 17cm. The off cuts from this can be used to isolate the pump from the floor to reduce the vibration. The quantities provided and the sheet sizes are below if you want to check there is enough material for your enclosure. Additional materials can be ordered through the website if required.

Products Supplied

1 x 5mm Barrier Shield 1200mm x 1200mm
1 x 10mm NS Foam 1000mm x 1000mm
1 x Spray Contact Adhesive

Soundproofing Method

Using a sheet of MDF or plywood about 15mm thick cut the sides and top to form the enclosure. Ensure the enclosure is large enough to fit around the pump including an additional 15mm for the 5mm barrier Shield  and the 10mm NS Foam. We recommend that pump should have at least a 25-50mm air gap to the inside of the enclosure once it has been lined with the soundproofing. In total the enclosure should be large enough to allow a gap of 65mm to allow for the products and the air gap.

  1. Cut the MDF or plywood to form the top and sides
  2. Cut the Barrier Shield and the NS Foam to line the inside of the enclosure
  3. While the enclosure is in bits fix the Barrier Shield and foam to the MDF
  4. Spray one side of the barrier Shield and the MDF and push them together and leave them flat while the adhesive has time to cure
  5. Using the spray adhesive fix the NS Foam over the top of the Barrier Shield
  6. You can now put the box together and place it over your pump
  7. Use any off cuts underneath the pump to absorb the vibration

The build up of the enclosure should be MDF on the outside, the Barrier Shield bonded to the inside of the MDF and the NS Foam bonded to the Barrier Shield.


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