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Soundproofing Installations


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Soundproofing Installations

Installing soundproofing solutions in homes and businesses across the UK let us install some peace and quiet contact us to find out if we can help in your area call 08451 306269Installers

The Sound Solution offers a range of noise reduction and soundproofing services, not only do we supply our acoustic and soundproofing materials across the UK we can also arrange a complete installation service. Not everyone wants to install soundproofing, if you do not have the confidence, knowledge, time, or you have better things to do with your time why not see if we can help. Our aim is to be able to offer an installation service to everybody that requires noise control in homes and businesses across the UK, we have already completed many soundproofing installations throughout the UK, and some abroad. Too find out more please contact our office for more information.

Get in touch to see if we can install soundproofing in your area, either send us an enquiry through the contcat us page, or give us a call on 08451 306269.

The Sound Solution are able to provide a complete soundproofing installation service from start to finish
  • Visit the property, assess the site conditions, and discuss with you exactly what you require from the soundproofing.
  • Offer solutions that will meet your requirements taking into account the noise problem, space loss to the room and budget.
  • Provide written quotations for the proposed work with no hidden costs or extras.
  • Deliver and install the soundproofing at a time that suits you.
  • All our installers are time served tradesman that are experienced with working with our soundproofing materials.
  • We do not use marked vans so your neighbours want know what you are doing.
  • Our service is aimed at delivering an efficient service with as little disruption to the customer.
Soundproofing Products

Browse our range of soundproofing products.

Wall Soundproofing ProductsFloor Soundproofing ProductsCeiling Soundproofing Products

Soundproofing solutions for walls floors and ceilings

Walls floors and ceilings are the most common areas in a building that require soundproof and acoustic insulation. The Sound Solution can offer ready made solutions for these areas, or bespoke soundproofing solutions for individual properties. Below are examples of solutions normally used to increase the sound insulation between rooms.

Wall soundproofing installations

Solution 1. Thin soundproofing panels bonded directly onto separating walls, ideal for party wall soundproofing to stop conversation and TV noise from your neighbour and to increase the sound insulation of a stud wall in your home. The minimal amount of space loss with this type of soundproofing, and the ease of installation make these panels popular choice, for more information on this type of soundproofing, click here.

Solution 2. Acoustic wall systems, or false walls are normally used when a high level of noise reduction is needed. Wall soundproofing systems combine different acoustic products inside a new wall, the best wall systems will also create separation which will reduce noise transfer through the wall, we provide two solutions Wall System 1 and Wall System 2 which are widely used in homes to soundproof noisy neighbours and to stop higher levels of noise between rooms. Wall systems can be tailored to suit individual requirements, music studios and cinema rooms that require very high levels of soundproofing would benefit from a tailor made system such as an acoustic wall system.

Ceiling soundproofing installations

Solution 1. Using thin ceiling panels below an existing ceiling can help to reduce airborne noise, this form of soundproofing can be installed directly below existing ceilings without removing the original ceiling. The minimal loss of height in the room means these panels can be used in most domestic situations. If you are considering this type of soundproofing combining the acoustic panels with soundbreaker bars will increase the acoustic performance by creating separation in the ceilings structure, the NSSC2 and NSSC2+ ceiling soundproofing panels are used in this type of soundproofing.

Solution 2. If the existing ceilings are removed you can install a ceiling system, combining soundproof materials for an effective solution to reduce airborne and impact noise. We provide two solutions Ceiling System 1 and Ceiling System 2. For higher levels of noise reduction between rooms you should use this type of soundproofing, we can also tailor solutions to suit individual requirements.

Floor soundproofing installations

Solution 1. Acoustic underlays are normally used to soundproof floors in domestic and commercial properties. These versatile products can be laid over any flooring, beneath all floor finishes including, carpet, wooden flooring and tiled floors. The NSSF7 and NSSF7+ acoustic underlays would be our recommended solution for most domestic applications, find out more about acoustic underlays.

Solution 2. Floating floors are predominantly used to soundproof separating floors to comply with Part E Building Regulations. You should also consider a floating floor inside music rooms and recording studios, installing a floating floor inside a room isolates the floor from the rest of the room helping to reduce noise transfer through the buildings structure. If you require high levels of noise reduction or you are completing a new build or conversion this would be our recommended flooring solution. The Sound Solution provides three floating floor products, Noisedeck 27, Noisedeck 32 and Noisedeck 36.

Who can install your products?

All of the solutions provided by The Sound Solution can be installed as part of a DIY project, if you consider yourself to be competent at DIY you will be able to install most of our soundproofing solutions, we can provide fitting instructions for products and systems. If you don't want to carry out the work yourself you can use local trades such as joiners, plasterers and builders, all of these trades people will have the necessary skills to install our products, many may have already worked with them. If you would prefer the installation to be carried out by The Sound Solution, then please contact us or give us a call on 08451 306269 to see if we can help.

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