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NSSW2+ Soundproofing Wall Board

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Effectively stop general household noise coming through your walls and ceilings using the NSSW2+ panel. These panels are bonded directly to most wall surfaces using plasterboard adhesive, ensuring the installation is simple, but effective.

When these panels are applied to your walls the overall loss of space is less than 45mm, making this an excellent choice for soundproofing a room that cannot afford to lose the space required for acoustic false walls. We would recommend this product for use on party walls that do not block normal household sounds.

If you want to block unwanted noise or feel that the sound coming from a neighbouring property is intrusive the NSSW2+ panel will block and absorb the sound due to its high mass and the density of the barrier within the product.

The combination of acoustic plasterboard and high-density rubber that make up this product will instantly help to block sound transmission through the area that it is applied.

If you have a problem with noisy neighbours through a party wall, or an alcove area this panel will reduce TV, radio and conversation that you can hear. The NSSW2+ panel will also help separating walls meet current Part E Building Regulations.

As a standalone product the NSSW2+ panel can be fixed to most wall surfaces using plasterboard adhesive. You can also screw this panel to stud walls and ceiling joists to increase the sound of poorly insulated walls and ceilings.

Product installation

Once the skirting, coving, electrics and vinyl wallpapers have been removed you can apply the boards. Using the plasterboard adhesive which should be mixed as per the manufacturers instructions on the pack, apply approximately 9 fist sized dots to the back of the board and then push the board on to the wall. Once you are happy the panel is in the right place you can apply the next panel using the AC50 acoustic sealant between each board. We would recommend one bag of adhesive and one tube of 310ml sealant per five boards.

Once installed, these boards can be brought up to a decorative standard by either skimming, or filling the edges and decorating.

Product Information

  • Dimensions 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Thickness 30mm
  • Weight 45kg
  • Sound reduction 48dB
  • Two layers of acoustic plasterboard bonded to a 5mm layer of high density mass loaded vinyl

Delivery of this item will be made on a pallet. 

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