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Plasterboard Adhesive 25kg Bag

Price:  £8.75

Bonds all types of plasterboards and acoustic panels to wall surfaces

A general based adhesive for use with all of our plasterboard products including the NSSW2 and NSSW2+ panels. Can be used on high, medium or low suction backgrounds.


  • Mix the adhesive in bucket with water until you have a thick creamy cosistency, this can be checked by placing some of the mix on to a trowel if it is still runny you should add more adhesive to thicken the mix until it is stiff.
  • Using a trowel you can then 'dab' the adhesive on to the wall the size of the dabs should be about the size of a fist and about 12 inches apart, for the direct to wall panels such as the NSSW2 and NSSW2+ panels you should have a row of four dabs and a row of three dabs per board.
  • Once the wall has been dabbed you can then apply the panel to the wall ensuring you leave a small gap from the floor, wall or ceiling that you can later fill with an acoustic sealant.

One bag covers an area of 6-8 square metres on average.



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