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Acoustic Panels Sound Absorbing Wall & Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Panels Sound Absorbing Wall & Ceiling Panels

Acoustic panels will reduce the level of unwanted sound in a room. Noisestop Systems provide a range of acoustic panels for use on walls and ceilings. Sound absorption panels are suitable for use in a variety of buildings including sport halls, offices, swimming pools, music rooms and even in the home. Use acoustic panels to reduce echo and reverberation in rooms that  cause unwanted noise interference. If you require soundproofing Noisestop Systems have a range of soundproofing panels, stop sound passing through walls and ceilings.

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What are acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels combine sound absorbent materials. Absorbing sound waves that come in to contact with sound deadening panels. Noisestop Systems range of a acoustic panelling is available in a variety of sizes and colours. Acoustic panels are constructed from sound absorbent materials, acoustic foams or acoustic fibre slabs. Acoustic panels are covered in an acoustically transparent material (usually a material which allows the sound to be absorbed by the foam or acoustic insulation). You can view our full range of sound absorption panels to see the variations available.

Use acoustic panels on walls and ceilings to reduce unwanted noise in a room

Certain rooms in a building will often generate unwanted noise. This will normally be because of the size and shape of the room and a lack of sound absorption. Sound will reflect of hard surfaces, solid walls, glass, hard floors and ceilings. If the room doesn’t have any absorbent materials sound will echo and reverberate, generating an unpleasant level of sound.

When you use sound absorbing panelling in the room a lot of this unwanted sound reflecting of the surfaces will be absorbed. You can apply sound absorbing panels to the walls or ceilings of a room. Which you choose largely depends on the construction of the room. As a standard requirement covering 30% of the surface area of the room you should expect approximately 45% reduction in sound. For more help on working out what you will require we have a handy soundproof panel quantity guide.

Improving the quality of sound in your room

An acoustic panels will improve the quality of sound in your room. They will not reduce the sound completely. Sound absorbing panels installed in a room will improve the quality of sound, making for a more pleasant environment. Noisy open plan offices can benefit from this type of acoustic treatment. When sound is not being absorbed in a room it can mean that it becomes difficult to hear clearly. Using acoustic panels in an open plan office or call centre will lower the level of sound with in the space.

How easy is it to install acoustic panels?

Installing acoustic panels can be very quick and easy. The most common methods of fixing sound absorbent panelling to walls and ceilings is to use an adhesive or a hook and eyelet combination. For suspended absorbers you would use an eyelet and hook suspended on wire. Acoustic panels that are designed for wall and ceiling applications are not very heavy. Most panels can be handled by one person, this can depend on the size of the panel.


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