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For the best level of soundproofing use a complete soundproof system to sound insulate your ceilings.

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Ceiling Soundproof Systems

These ceiling soundproof systems can significantly improve the sound insulation of existing and new ceilings. Soundproof ceilings with timber joists and concrete ceilings stop unwanted airborne and vibration sounds from transferring between rooms.

Using product combinations ensures the best noise reduction levels. Our highest-performing systems are the AcoustiClip Systems. Combining the sound isolation properties of the AcoustiClip with high-mass insulation, dense boarding, and the sound-absorbing mass-loaded vinyl membrane creates an acoustic ceiling that will stop high noise levels.

Soundproofing systems for all ceiling types, including ceilings with timber joists and concrete ceilings.


The best method of soundproofing a ceiling is to use the AcoustiClip system.

Apply the AcoustiClip system to ceilings with timber joist or concrete ceilings to provide the best level of sound insulation.

Utilising the isolation the AcoustiClip provides when applied ceilings reduces direct sound transfer through the ceilings structure.

Combining decoupling clips with high-mass acoustic insulation slabs, dense soundproof plasterboard, and mass-loaded vinyl will ensure the best soundproofing for your ceilings.

The best soundproofing materials for ceilings will add mass, create separation and increase sound absorption.

Acoustic insulation is widely used inside ceiling joists to absorb sounds and add mass to timber joist ceilings.

Sound isolation clips absorb vibration sounds as they transmit through ceilings. Applying the AcoustiClip to the ceiling joist, or concrete, reduces vibration sounds.

Soundproof plasterboard has a higher density than standard plasterboard and should be used when fitting an acoustic ceiling.

Soundproof membranes are another way to improve the ability of the ceilingto absorb sound and increase the density.

The best acoustic ceiling system for a timber joist ceiling is the AcoustiClip Timber Ceiling System.

The best acoustic ceiling system for concrete ceilings is the AcoustiClip Concrete Ceiling System.

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