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Fitting Noisestop Acoustic Panels

Fitting Noisestop Acoustic Panels

Fitting Noisestop Acoustic Panels

Wall soundproofing Noisestop Acoustic Panel

How to fit Noisestop Acoustic Panels to walls and ceilings.

What tools do I need?

  • Tape measure
  • Straight edge/spirit level
  • Hand saw/circular saw
  • Sharp knife (Stanley knife)

Surface preparation

Ensure all surfaces you are applying the panels to are in good condition. Any holes or gaps in the existing surface should be filled with a suitable filler. Check plastered surfaces are in good condition. If you are bonding the panels directly to wall surfaces, this will ensure a good bond between the panel and the wall.

If you are screwing the panels to walls or ceilings, ensure the existing surface has no holes or gaps. Fixing with screws would be more suitable if the plaster is not in good condition. The panels must be screwed into the joists or soundbreaker bars when installing the panels onto ceilings.

It is important to remove all electrical and decorative features from the area you are soundproofing. Remove skirting boards, coving, electrical outlets and any other surface-mounted decorations before work commences. Once the work is complete, you can replace all these features.

Installing the Noisestop Acoustic Panels

Measure out the area you are working on before you fit the first panel. Try to avoid being left with a small off cut at the end. We would recommend not leaving an offcut of less than 200mm. Once you have worked out where to start, you can install the first panel.

Fixing the Noisestop Acoustic Panels with Smart Tack Adhesive

The Smart Tack Adhesive is applied to both surfaces, the back of the panel and the wall. Spray one surface horizontally and the other vertically, at a distance of 12-14 inches. Apply an even coat covering at least 80% of the area. A second coat is recommended on porous surfaces. The adhesive is ready to bond within 3-5 minutes. This can vary depending on the temperature in the room.

Fixing the Noisestop Acoustic Panels with screws

If you are fixing the panel with screws, you will need to use 9 screws and pugs. We would recommend using hammer screws and plugs to go through the panel and straight into the wall. If you are fixing straight into stud work or ceiling joists, you will not need to drill or plug. Use screws with a minimum length of 50mm to attach to timber, metal studs or soundbreaker bars.

Cutting the Panels

To fit the shape of the room, you will have to cut some of the panels. The Noisestop Acoustic Panels can be cut using a hand saw, a sharp knife or a circular/jigsaw, depending on the type of cut you are making. You will not need electrical cutting tools to cut the panels. A hand saw and knife will do the job. If you have electrical tools, then you might want to use them.

When installing the panels to the edges of the room, you can leave a small gap of 2-3mm between the panel and wall or ceiling. Fill this gap with acoustic sealant.

Put a small hole through the panels to allow any electrical cable to be put through the panels to reinstate electrical points.

Sealing the panels

As you fit the panels, it is important to ensure the edges are all sealed. After you have fitted the first panel onto the wall or ceiling, you can put a small bead of acoustic sealant along the edge of the panel before you put the next one up to it. Doing this will ensure each panel has acoustic sealant along each edge. If you do this for each panel, you will ensure the whole area has no gaps. It is possible to go around the boards afterwards and seal them up if you prefer to do it that way.

Finishing your installation

Once you have installed all the panels and have been acoustically sealed, you can then finish your wall or ceiling. We recommend the boards are plastered or have the tapered edges filled and sanded ready for decorating. The outer face is a plasterboard finish with a tapered edge. This type of board allows for either finish to be possible.

If you removed skirting and coving, these can be reinstated.

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