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Installing Ceiling System 3

Installing Ceiling System 3

Installation Instructions for: Ceiling System 3

Ceiling preparation

  • The existing ceiling does not need to be removed with this option. The existing joists have to be found, this can be done with an electronic stud finder or by removing small sections of the ceiling to uncover the joists. The joists should be marked at either end of the room and a straight line marked between the two points.

Fixing Ceiling System 3

  • The soundbreaker bars are now fitted to the joists through the ceiling at right angles at 400mm centres. If the bars need to be cut this can be done with a hack saw or tin snips. The bars are attached to the joists screwing through the pre-drilled holes on the bars; the wide flange on the bar should be left hanging down from the ceiling.
  • The boards can now be fitted to the soundbreaker bars using screws, we recommend that a minimum of 15 screws are used per board, please note that screws should only go into the flange of the bar and not into the timber joist. Acoustic sealant should be used to seal all of the joints between each board and between the walls and boards. Once completed the ceiling can be decorated to your desired finish, we recommend that the ceiling is plastered.
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