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Installing Wall System 2

Installing Wall System 2

Installation Instructions for: Wall System 2

Installation instructions for Wall System 2.

Wall System 2 Soundproofing

Wall Preparation
  • All skirting, coving and electrical points to be removed. These can all be reinstated once the wall is finished.

Fixing Wall System 2

  • Before the installation commences we recommend you lift some of the floor boards and inspect the wall area below the floor level. Dense Fibre Matting (DFM) 100mm/80kgm³ should be used to infill these areas to help reduce the possibility of flanking noise. Further insulation is available on request. Replace the floor boards as these will act as a solid base for the system.
  • Fix timber battens to the wall, leave a gap of 600mm between battens to allow for the DFM acoustic insulation.
  • The DFM should be pushed in to the cavity created by the battens, the material will friction fit and should not need any fixings to hold it in place. The DFM can be cut with a hand saw or a knife with a serrated edge when necessary, ensure that no gaps are left when installing the DFM, use off cuts in any areas that may need filling.
  • Now the boards are ready to be fixed to the battens. The boards are screwed to the battens using timber or dry wall screws; we recommend that each board has a minimum of 12 fixings. The boards can be cut to size with either a hand saw or circular saw. An extra layer of 12.5mm soundblock board can be applied over the top if required. Once completed the wall can be plastered or the edges can be taped and filled.

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