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Office Soundproofing

Office Soundproofing

Office soundproofing solutions to reduce noise between offices and improve sound quality in the workplace

Noisestop Systems provide solutions to soundproof office walls and meeting rooms. The sound quality in the workplace has also become an issue due to a rise in open-plan office spaces, soundproof an office partition wall, board room or meeting room by building a soundproof wall. Reduce overall noise levels in offices with sound absorption acoustic panels to reduce reverberation and echo.

Soundproof lightweight internal walls in offices using soundproof panels or wall soundproofing systems for higher levels of soundproofing. The Noisestop Acoustic Panel is our best performing stand-alone soundproofing board for walls and ceilings. Alternatively, we have a range of stud wall soundproofing kits for high levels of sound insulation.

Improve the sound quality in offices spaces with sound-absorbing panels for offices from our sound absorption range. Office sound dampening panels can be tailored to fit your office environment with various colours, shapes and even decorative prints.

Soundproofing in offices

Offices often require soundproofing because the existing construction uses very lightweight materials that do not block or absorb the passage of sound. To soundproof an office, you will need to apply a soundproof panel directly to the wall. The Noisestop Acoustic Panel is our best performing stand-alone direct to wallboard. this will reduce the sound of conversation between offices. If higher levels of noise control are required to use a combination of acoustic materials, our range of wall soundproofing systems can be used for partition walls and internal stud walls.

Office ceilings are often constructed as a grid ceiling system. Sound will easily pass through this type of ceiling panel and transfer between rooms. The best solution for blocking this type of sound transfer is to insulate above the ceiling tiles. Using acoustic insulation slabs over the top of the ceiling grid will block and absorb airborne sound as it passes through the ceiling tiles.

We would recommend that to ensure the very best level of office soundproofing, and you should treat the walls and ceilings simultaneously. It is unlikely that treating just one of the areas would be sufficient.

Sound absorption in offices

Improving the quality of sound in offices is vital in noisy open-plan environments. Using sound absorption panels on walls and ceilings, you can improve sound quality by reducing sound reverberation and echo. Achieve the best level of sound absorption by covering 30% of the rooms surface area. Our full range of acoustic panels can found here, sound absorption.

If you need any assistance with your office soundproofing or would like to discuss how to improve the quality of sound in your office, you can call 01423 339163, alternatively drop us an enquiry via our contacts page.

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