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Floor Soundproofing Products

Floor soundproofing products including acoustic underlays, floating floors and acoustic insulation. Soundproof your floors to stop impact and airborne sounds transferring through timber or concrete separating floors. Flooring products reduce impact sound, when you walk on the floor, and TV noise and conversation, airborne sounds.

Soundproof flooring products to stop unwanted sound from noisy neighbours. Solutions that will increase the sound insulation of floors in your own home. Use acoustic underlay mats or floating floors to meet current Part E Building Regulation requirements.

Domestic floor soundproofing solutions include The Noisestop F7, used below carpet. Noisestop F7+ for heavier floor finishes, engineered flooring and tiled floors. Our Noisedeck floating floor range available in a variety of depths, used as either a direct to joist solution or laid over existing flooring. Combine these soundproof products for floors to meet Part E, soundproof domestic floors, commercial flooring, for studios or just to restore peace and quiet in your home.

If you can’t find the solution you are looking for, or you are unsure what you need please get in touch, contacts, alternatively give us a call 01423 33913.

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