Pump Soundproofing

Pump Soundproofing

Soundproof your domestic pump with our sound insulation products

Reduce the noise from your shower pumps and any other domestic pump using high our density rubber mats combined with acoustic foams to reduce the noise. Domestic pumps should be enclosed inside an MDF or plywood box with acoustic insulation material lining the inside to reduce the airborne noise from the pump. Isolate the pump from the floor by placing the pump on top of the high density rubber mats and foam to reduce vibration through the floor.

Domestic pumps can vary in size which means you can buy the materials individually to suit your requirements. We also provide soundproof enclosure kits which include the rubber mats, acoustic foam and high impact contact adhesive for small shower pumps. Please check the quantity of materials supplied in the kit before ordering as we have based this kit on a standard shower pump size.

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