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Soundproofing Ceiling System 1

Ceiling System 1

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Premium ceiling soundproofing system, reduce high levels of sound through your ceilings with only 80mm loss of ceiling height

Ceiling System 1 is our best ceiling soundproofing system combining sound insulation ceiling products. The best way to soundproofing a ceiling is to use acoustic insulation, acoustic hangers and soundproof panels, this ceiling solution combines all these materials. Suitable for soundproofing flats and houses to reduce airborne and impact sounds. Soundproof timber ceilings with this system, with a drop in ceiling height of 80mm.

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Ceiling System 1

Ceiling System 1 is a high performing ceiling soundproofing solution that offers excellent airborne and impact sound reduction. With only 80mm of ceiling height loss this system offers excellent sound insulation with minimal loss of ceiling height. Ceiling System 1 achieves high levels of noise reduction due to the combination of materials and how they are installed on to the ceiling. The system combines two layers of insulation to increase airborne sound reduction.

Separation which is key to ceiling soundproofing is created by fitting the soundbreaker bars, acoustic hangers that reduce vibration through the buildings structure.

The final layer of boards is applied fixed directly into the soundbreaker bars. The Noisestop 1+ panels supplied as part of this solution combine acoustic plasterboard with high mass loaded vinyl sheeting. The resultant panel blocks sound and reduces vibration through the plasterboard.

  • Noise reduction against airborne and impact sound
  • 57dB reduction for airborne sound
  • 52dB reduction for impact sound
  • 30 minute fire protection
  • DIY ceiling soundproofing solution
  • Part E compliant for separating floors

Fitting Ceiling System 1

This soundproof ceiling solution uses the existing ceiling joists. Before you begin installing this solution you should remove the existing ceiling. An alternative method to installing this system would require insulating from the floor above.

If you don’t want to remove your ceilings you can remove the floorboards and access the cavity between the joists from above. Whichever option you choose follow these guidelines for fitting this system.

  • Insulate the cavity between the existing joists with the 100mm DFM acoustic insulation. Ensure no gaps are left and the whole area has been filled
  • Fix a counter batten to the underside of the ceiling joists, this will allow for the additional 50mm DFM acoustic insulation. If you have removed the ceilings fix straight into the exposed ceiling joists at right angles. If the ceiling is still up you will have to locate the joists and then fix the timber battens in place.
  • Fit the soundbreaker bars to the stud frame at 400mm centres using screws. More information on fitting soundbreaker bars is available here. Acoustic hangers will reduce vibration through the ceilings structure
  • Screw the Noisestop 1+ panels to the soundbreaker bars, no need to pre-drill any holes. Soundproof panels with high density barriers will block sound and reduce vibration
  • Apply AC50 acoustic sealant to the edge of each of the panels. Use the acoustic sealant around the perimeter of the ceiling to ensure the whole area is acoustically sealed
ceiling system 1

Ceiling System 1

How to soundproof ceilings – A ceiling soundproofing guide

We don’t expect everyone to be experts in soundproofing, so we have produced a how to soundproof a ceiling guide. This should help to answer some of the main aspects of ceiling soundproofing. Alternatively you can get in touch via our contacts page or give us a call on 01423 339163.

Noise insulation building plan diagram

Noisestop range

The Noisestop range of products have been fitted into homes and businesses across the UK for more than twenty years. In that time we have been able to develop the Noisestop range of products to ensure the very best levels of soundproofing to restore peace and quiet at work and in your homes.

Using our extensive knowledge of the soundproof and acoustic industry we have been able to develop products to soundproof walls, floors and ceilings that are both affordable and more importantly good at what they do. All the products we supply have been tried and tested in real life situations in homes and businesses, so we know they work in real life situations, not just in a lab.

From our base in Yorkshire we are well placed to deliver your soundproofing requirements throughout the UK. We send all our soundproof products direct so we have full control over all the products that leave our warehouse.

Our team are ready and willing in assisting you with any enquiries relating to products in the Noisestop range. Whether you are unsure about a product, or you don’t know which solution to choose, don’t worry we have had many years of experience which we can share with you to help solve any noise related issue.

you can contact us through our contacts page and send us an enquiry, alternatively give us a call on 01423 339163.


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Additional information

Weight100 kg
Total Ceiling Area:

10m², 11m², 12m², 13m², 14m², 15m², 16m², 17m², 18m², 19m², 20m², 5m², 6m², 7m², 8m², 9m²

Product Fitting Guide

Ceiling System 1

ceiling system 1
Ceiling System 1

Ceiling preparation

Before work can commence on installing Ceiling System1 the existing plasterboard must be removed. Once the ceiling has been removed you will be left with exposed ceiling joists, you are now ready to fit Ceiling System 1.


Infill the existing ceiling joists with the 100mm acoustic insulation slabs between the ceiling joists. Using a long serrated knife or an old bread knife to cut the insulation slabs slightly larger then the

Opening between the joists, this will allow you to push the slabs between the joists to friction fit in place. Cover the whole ceiling area ensuring no gaps are left between the insulation, and between the insulation and the joists.

Step 2.

Once you have insulated between the joists you can now attach the battens to the underside of the joists. The battens are fixed perpendicular to the ceiling joists, Fix the battening in place with screws. Leave a gap of 590mm between each batten, this will allow for full slabs of the 50mm insulation to be inserted inside the battening. Completely fill the new battening with the 50mm acoustic insulation ensuring no gaps are left.

Step 3.

Fit the soundbreaker bars into the new battens at 300-350mm centres. Screw the soundbreaker bars into the battens using the pre-drilled holes that run along the edge of the bars, use dry wall or universal screws for this. The wider corrugated section o the bars should be facing down into the room when they are attached.

Step 4.

Fit the soundproof panels to the soundbreaker bars using dry wall or universal screws. The panels are fixed into the bars by screwing them into the corrugated section of the soundbreaker bar, you will not need to pre-drill any holes to fasten the boarding in place. You should have four bars per board to fix into. When you fit each board ensure they are tightly butted together, apply a bead of acoustic sealant along the edge of the boards to ensure they are acoustically sealed. You can also apply

sealant once you have installed all of the boards around the perimeter of the ceiling and between the edges of the panels to fill any small holes that might be left.

Allow a small gap around the edge of the ceiling, between the panels and the walls. This will reduce sound vibration through the walls and ceilings. Use the acoustic sealant to fill around the edge of the ceiling.

Step 5.

Finish off your ceiling with either a plaster skim or taping and filling the tapered edge of the panels.

The following products are supplied with this soundproofing system:

  • DFM acoustic insulation 100mm/60kg/m³ (A1 Non-combustible)
  • DFM acoustic insulation 50mm/60kg/m³ (A1 Non-combustible)
  • Soundbreaker bars
  • Noisestop 1+ panel (½ hour fire rated)
  • AC50 acoustic sealant

If you need any help regarding products or how they are fitted, call 01423 339163.



Ceiling System 1

Product information

Ceiling System 1


Soundbreaker Bars

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Noisestop 1+

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AC50 acoustic sealant

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DFM acoustic insulation

Product information


Noisestop Systems deliver soundproofing throughout the UK using a pallet distribution network. Using this method of delivery we are able to supply materials nationwide quickly and at competitive rates. For smaller items we use a courier network to deliver smaller parcels.

We aim to ship orders within 2-3 working days. Once you have placed an order we will arrange a suitable delivery date for you. If you order over the phone the delivery date will be confirmed with you at that point. If you have placed your order online we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date.

Please let us know of any restrictions at your delivery address for HGV wagons in order or us to pass the information on to the delivering company.

FREE shipping on orders over £750 ex. VAT

Delivery costs

  • Small items we can courier £20 ex. VAT.
  • Large items sent on a pallet standard charge across UK to most postcodes £33 ex. VAT.
  • Large items sent on a pallet to the following postcodes AB, DD, IV, KW, PA, PH, IM, BT, JE, GY will be charged at £53 ex. VAT. This is due to higher delivery costs to these postcodes.

When your delivery arrives

It is important to sign for the delivery when it arrives. You should note any shortages or damage to your order when you accept the goods in the unfortunate cases when materials are damaged in transit. This will enable us to swiftly resolve the issue and have replacements sent out.

The delivery is a curb side delivery service; drivers will not carry goods into the property. The pallet will be dropped as near to the property as possible.

Returning Goods

We are happy to accept goods that are not needed due to over ordering, returns will be charged at the cost of arranging the collection with the collecting company, and this will be confirmed at the point of arranging the return. Please contact us to make arrangements to return goods, call 01423 339163.

For enquiries please call 01423 339163, or send us a message via our contacts page.

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Ceiling System 1

£218.17£872.73 ex. VAT