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Soundproofing Ceiling System 1

Ceiling System 1

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Ceiling System 1 has been designed to provide the highest level of soundproofing for airborne noise and impact noise without the need to install a completely new independent ceiling.

With a ceiling height loss of only 80mm, this system is ideal for flats or houses where there are high levels of noise from neighbouring properties. Noise reduction is achieved by adding the extra layer of acoustic insulation below the existing joists. Additional separation comes from the Soundbreaker Bars. This system comprises the following products.

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How to install this system

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Ceiling System 1

Ceiling System 1 provides the highest level of soundproofing for airborne and impact noise. With ceiling height loss of 80mm this system can be used in most domestic situations when higher levels of soundproofing are required.

For more help and advice take a look at our how to soundproof a ceiling guide. If you need any help please feel free to give us a call on 01423 339163.

Ceiling System 1 Information
  • 80mm height loss from the ceiling joist
  • Airborne noise reduction 57dB
  • Impact noise reduction 52dB
Acoustic Performance

This ceiling system will meet current Building Regulations guidelines. To complete the installation you can use the Noisestop F7 or the Noisestop F7+ over the floor.

Building regulations require impact levels to be below the stated figure and the airborne levels to be above the figure stated.

System Information

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Fitting Ceiling System 1

Remove the existing ceiling before installing Ceiling System 1. Complete access to the ceiling joists is required.

  • Infill the cavity between the ceiling joist with the 100mm DFM acoustic insulation
  • Fasten 50mm battens perpendicular below the joists, leave 600mm spaces between battens
  • Infill the new battens with the 50mm DFM acoustic insulation
  • Screw the Soundbreaker Bars perpendicular into the battens. Spacing for the Soundbreaker bars should be 400mm centres. The wide corrugated part of the bar faces down into the room.
  • Screw the Noisestop1+ panels into the bars, fixing into the wide corrugated part of the bars
  • An additional layer of plasterboard can be added if required
  • Seal around the perimeter of the ceiling and between each panel with AC50 acoustic sealant

Ceiling soundproofing system 1

For enquiries please call 01423 339163, or send us a message via our contacts page.

Additional information

Weight100 kg
Total Ceiling Area:

10m², 11m², 12m², 13m², 14m², 15m², 16m², 17m², 18m², 19m², 20m², 5m², 6m², 7m², 8m², 9m²

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