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acoustic hanger

Soundbreaker Bars 3m x 75mm x 17mm Acoustic Hangers

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Acoustic hangers for reducing sound transfer through walls and ceilings, apply to stud walls and ceiling joists

Soundbreaker bars reduce sound as it vibrates through the structure of a wall or ceiling. The bars design isolates the plasterboard or soundproof panel from the stud frame or ceiling joist. Separation created between the two areas reduces the sound as it is absorbed by the bar. Soundbreaker bars are supplied in our wall and ceiling soundproofing systems, they are a key component in building soundproof walls and ceilings.

How to install soundbreaker bars

Product Download pdf.

Soundbreaker Bars 3m x 75mm x 17mm

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Soundbreaker Bars

Soundbreaker Bars isolate plasterboard and soundproof panels from stud walls and ceiling joists. Isolating boards from the timber frame reduces sound and vibration through the buildings structure. Use soundbreaker bars as acoustic hangers to increase sound reduction. Combine with acoustic insulation and soundproof boards as part of a wall and ceiling soundproofing solution.

Increase the sound insulation of walls and ceilings, reduce airborne and impact noise that vibrates along solid surfaces such as wall studs and ceiling joists by attaching soundbreaker bars before you fix the plasterboard or acoustic panels.

The soundbreaker bars are designed to reduce sound as it vibrates through the buildings structure; they also decouple the stud work and the plasterboard reducing the surface area that connects the plasterboard to the stud due to the unique shape of the bar.

With minimal space loss to the room they make them an ideal product to use in a soundproofing system.

Soundbreaker Bars are used as part of a Part E compliant ceiling structure for separating floors. Attach to the ceiling joists before you fit the plasterboard ceiling.

Fitting Soundbreaker bars

Soundbreaker bars are attached to timber or metal studs using screws. Fasten the bars by screwing into the stud work through the pre-drilled holes that run along one edge of the bar.

Once you have attached the bar to the stud work the wide corrugated flange should be facing into the room, if using on a wall the wide flange should be pointing upwards. When the boards are attached to the bars they will pull away from the wall slightly.

We calculate the number of bars needed based on square meterage. One bar per sqm for wall soundproofing systems and one and a half bars per sqm for ceiling soundproofing systems.

For more information on how to fit the bars read the product fitting guide, explaining how to install acoustic hangers on to walls and ceilings.

Soundbreaker Bar Spacing for walls and ceilings

  • Walls 600mm centres
  • Ceilings 300-350mm centres

Soundproofing systems that use soundbreaker bars

Noisestop Systems provide a range of wall and ceiling soundproofing systems that use these bars as part of the system. The following soundproof kits all have the bars as part of the combination of materials that is supplied with each system.

Use acoustic hangers with combinations of materials for effective levels of airborne and impact noise reduction

Use combinations of acoustic products for the best levels of sound insulation for walls and ceilings. You will reduce impact and airborne sound by using acoustic insulation between stud frames or ceiling joists, this will block and absorb airborne sounds.

Apply acoustic hangers to the face of stud frames or on to the ceiling joists to reduce vibration through the structure.

Fit acoustic plasterboard or soundproof panels to the bars to finish your wall or ceiling.

Additional information

Weight2 kg




Product depth


Product Fitting Guide

Soundbreaker Bars

Sound breaking panel
Soundbreaker Bars


Soundbreaker bars are an acoustic hanger used to increase isolation to increase the sound insulation when installed on to walls and ceilings. Increase the separation between plasterboard and soundproof panels from stud walls and ceiling joists.

 Soundbreaker bars absorb vibration that carries sound waves through the structure of a wall or ceiling. Reducing the vibration reduces the over all level of sound that would transmit through a wall or ceiling with out the separation created by installing the bars.

Product information

  • Length 3m
  • Weight 2kg
  • Depth 17mm
  • Fixing area 45mm

Quick fixing guide for soundbreaker bars

  • Fixed to walls and ceilings
  • Only use on timber or metal studs and timber ceiling joists
  • Attach the bars by screwing through the pre-drilled holes
  • The pre-drilled holes go to the bottom and the corrugated section faces into the room when fixing to walls
  • No need for drilling into the bars
  • Screw straight through the boarding into the corrugated section of the bar
  • Space at 600m for walls
  • Space at 300-350mm for ceilings

Fitting soundbreaker bars

Soundbreaker bars can be fitted on to any type of stud frame including timber and metal frame. The acoustic hangers can also be fitted to ceiling joists.

You should not fix the bars straight over plasterboarded walls and ceilings, or directly on to solid walls. The bars should only be fixed into stud work.

Soundbreaker bars are fastened to the wall or ceiling with screws. You will not need specialist screws; you can use any type of screw. Ensure the screw is a minimum of 25mm long.

Fitting the bars to stud work or ceiling joists

Before you begin fixing the bars its wroth noting which way round the bars are fitted when fixing them to a wall. The narrow edge of the bar has pre-drilled holes running along the full length of the bar. This is the edge that comes into contact with the stud frame or ceiling joist.

The bar is attached at right angles to the stud or ceiling joist. Attach the bar by screwing through the pre-drilled holes along the edge of the bar as they contact the stud or joist. If your wall or ceiling is longer than 3m you should overlap the bar at the nearest stud or ceiling joist.

Spacing the bars on walls and ceilings

The correct spacing for bars fitted to a stud wall is 600mm. The first bar is fitted to the bottom of the wall, approximately 50mm up from the floor. The second bar you fix should be 600mm from the floor to the centre of the corrugated fixing edge. Repeat the process up the wall centring each bar at 600mm. A bar will also need to be fitted at the top of the wall approximately 50mm from the ceiling. Following this method will ensure you have a minimum of three bars per board to fix into.

Bars are fixed to ceiling joists in a similar way to walls, fastening through the holes along the edge of the bar into the ceiling joist. The bars are run at right angles to the direction of the joists. The spacing for the bars on ceilings is between300-350mm between the bars. Following this method will ensure you have a minimum of four bars per board to fix into.

Attaching plasterboard and soundproof panels to soundbreaker bars

Once you have fitted the bars you can fix the plasterboard or soundproof panels to the bars. You will not require any specialist screws to attach the boards to the bars

Fix the boarding into the bars by screwing through the boards into the wide corrugated fixing flange of the bar. You will not need to drill any holes beforehand; the screws will puncture the bar and hold the boards in place.

You should have three bars per board to fix into if you are soundproofing walls. If you are fitting on to ceilings you should have four bars to fit on to. Use a minimum of five screws when attaching the boards to the bars, for walls and ceilings.

If you need any help regarding products or how they are fitted, call 01423 339163.

Soundbreaker bars

Product information

Soundbreaker bars



Noisestop Systems deliver soundproofing throughout the UK using a pallet distribution network. Using this method of delivery we are able to supply materials nationwide quickly and at competitive rates. For smaller items we use a courier network to deliver smaller parcels.

We aim to ship orders within 2-3 working days. Once you have placed an order we will arrange a suitable delivery date for you. If you order over the phone the delivery date will be confirmed with you at that point. If you have placed your order online we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date.

Please let us know of any restrictions at your delivery address for HGV wagons in order or us to pass the information on to the delivering company.

FREE shipping on orders over £750 ex. VAT

Delivery costs

  • Small items we can courier £20 ex. VAT.
  • Large items sent on a pallet standard charge across UK to most postcodes £33 ex. VAT.
  • Large items sent on a pallet to the following postcodes AB, DD, IV, KW, PA, PH, IM, BT, JE, GY will be charged at £53 ex. VAT. This is due to higher delivery costs to these postcodes.

When your delivery arrives

It is important to sign for the delivery when it arrives. You should note any shortages or damage to your order when you accept the goods in the unfortunate cases when materials are damaged in transit. This will enable us to swiftly resolve the issue and have replacements sent out.

The delivery is a curb side delivery service; drivers will not carry goods into the property. The pallet will be dropped as near to the property as possible.

Returning Goods

We are happy to accept goods that are not needed due to over ordering, returns will be charged at the cost of arranging the collection with the collecting company, and this will be confirmed at the point of arranging the return. Please contact us to make arrangements to return goods, call 01423 339163.

For enquiries please call 01423 339163, or send us a message via our contacts page.

How do I attach the bars to the stud frame or ceiling joist?

Answer: The bars are screwed directly into stud frames and ceiling joists by using the pre-drilled holes that run along the edge of the bars. You do not have to do any drilling to fix these acoustic hangers.

Which way up do I fix the bars to my stud work?

Answer: You attach the hangers to stud frames with the pre-drilled fixing section of the bars at the bottom. The wider corrugated flange should be facing into the room.

How do you fix the panels to the soundbreaker bars?

Answer: The boards that are being fixed to the bars are screwed straight into the wide corrugated section of the bar. You will not need to drill any holes. The screws will go through the panel and puncture the corrugated section of the bar.

How do you cut soundbreaker bars?

Answer: The acoustic hangers can be cut using tin ships or cut to size with a hack saw.

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Soundbreaker Bars 3m x 75mm x 17mm Acoustic Hangers

£4.10 ex. VAT