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DFM acoustic insulation slab for floors, ceilings and walls

Acoustic Insulation DFM 50mm 69.12m2 Per Pallet

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One full pallet of 50mm/100kg/m³ DFM acoustic insulation. 16 packs of insulation per pallet, 6 slabs per pack. Each slab is 1200mm x 600mm, covering 0.72m² per slab. Each pack contains 6 slabs covering 4.32m². Each pallet has 16 packs covering a total area of 69.12². Buy smaller quantities of 50mm acoustic insulation

Save money when buying bulk orders of acoustic insulation. Discounted insulation for full pallets of 50mm DFM acoustic insulation.



Acoustic Insulation DFM 50mm/100kg/m³ 69.12m2 Per Pallet

  • Thickness 50mm
  • Density 100kg/m³
  • Slab length 1200mm
  • Slab width 600mm
  • Slabs per pack 6
  • Pack coverage 4.32m²
  • Packs per pallet 16 packs
  • pallet coverage 138.24m²

Buy smaller quantities of 50mm acoustic insulation.

Pack quantities and number of packs per pallet can differ, but the area coverage will be as advertised.


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Weight250 kg

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