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Noisestop-F7+ - acoustic insulation for floor soundproofing

Noisestop F7+

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The Noisestop F7+ acoustic underlay mats are recommended for soundproofing rooms with hard floor finishes such as laminates, engineered flooring and tiles. Lay the mats over wooden or concrete floors to greatly reduce impact and airborne sound transmission.

Noisestop F7+ mats comprise of a combination of two layers of 9lb foam and a 5mm mass loaded vinyl centre allow for high levels of impact noise reduction, which are associated with hard floor finishes.

Installation is simple you can lay the Noisestop F7+ across your floor taping the joins with a heavy-duty tape. To fit the mats, use a pair of heavy-duty scissors or a sharp knife.

Noisestop F7 will ensure floors meet current Part E Building Regulations. Use a suitable floor grade adhesive to fix the mats to the subfloor in accordance with regulations.

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Size 1200mm x 600mm x 14mm (0.72m²) £29.65 per m²

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Noisestop F7+

Noisestop F7+ combines three layers of acoustic materials. A layer of 5mm 9lb chip foam, a layer of 5mm mass loaded vinyl 5kg/m² and a layer of 5mm 9lb chip foam. The properties of this product reduce high levels of impact noise that can transmit through timber and concrete floor constructions.

  • 15mm x 1200mm x 600mm (0.72m²)
  • Reduces high levels of impact noise
  • Part ‘e’ compliant
  • Used over timber and concrete floors
  • Use below hard floor finishes
Acoustic Performance of Noisestop F7+

Noisestop F7+ will ensure your floors meet current Part ‘e’ Building Regulation guidelines. To complete you installation use DFM acoustic insulation, Soundbreaker Bars and two layers of acoustic plasterboard.

Building Regulations require impact levels to be below the stated figure and the airborne levels to be above the figure stated.

Noisestop F7+ Performance
  • Impact
    • 52dB – Part E requires figure below 62dB
  • Airborne
    • 49dB – Part E requires figure above 42dB

Stated figures are with a typical part ‘e’ compliant ceiling installed below. For higher levels of soundproofing you can use Ceiling System 2.

Fitting the Noisestop F7+

Noisestop F7+ is quick and easy to install. You will need a sharp knife or heavy duty scissors. Some remedial work may be needed to the floor before you fit the products. Fill any gaps or holes with AC50 acoustic sealant. Lay the Noisestop F7+ across the floor in a brick bond pattern. There is no requirement to fix these sheets to the floor for domestic soundproofing. If you are working with in Building Regulations you will need to bond the mats to the floor using a floor grade adhesive. The Noisestop F7+ is cut to shape using a sharp knife or scissors.

Use Noisestop F7+ Below Solid Floor Finishes

The Noisestop F7+ is our recommended product for use below solid floor finishes. Laminates, engineered flooring and tiled floors usually produce more impact noise than a floor with a carpet. If you use the Noisestop F7+ below this type of floor you will stop the impact noise transferring into the floor.

Use Noisestop F7+ and DFM Acoustic Insulation on Timber Floors

If you are soundproofing a timber floor you can increase the airborne soundproofing by using 100mm DFM acoustic insulation. We recommend the DFM 100mm/80kg/m³ for optimum soundproofing. If you are soundproofing a separating floor for Part ‘e’ acoustic insulation should be used between the floor joists, the minimum requirement is 100mm/45kg/m³.

Noisestop F7+ can been used to comply with leases that state only carpets or equivalent can be used in flats, when used below solid floor finishes it will be equal to or better than the acoustic performance required in these cases.

Noisestop F7+ floor soundproofing
Noisestop F7+


For enquiries please call 01423 339163, or send us a message via our contacts page.

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Weight10 kg

1200mm x 600mm



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