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SoftSound Wall Panels 50mm x 900mm x 900mm

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Decorative wall panelling manufactured from a sound absorbing mineral fibre core board faced with a thin, high-density, impact resistant mineral fibre panel. The composite panel has reinforced edges and is completely wrapped with an acoustically transparent fabric. The Designer panels are fitted using concealed fixings on the rear and are designed to absorb high levels of reflected noise to create a more comfortable acoustic environment. How to work out how many panels I will need?

  • Absorbs high levels of sound and significantly reduces reverberation
  • Aesthetic effect – For use where overall wall coverage is not a practicality or a requirement
  • Design flexibility – Can create separate stand alone feature panels or banks of panels in different colours
  • High quality decorative finish
  • Available in a range of bespoke sizes
  • Simple installation

Download colour swatch for acoustic panels

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  • Commercial premises
  • High traffic public areas
  • Call centres
  • Offices and conference centres
  • Reception areas
  • Education facilities
  • Health care buildings
  • Recording studios
  • Theatres, cinemas and auditoriums

Colour and Finish

Cara, Lucia and Lucia CS fabric ranges are available as standard in a wide range of colours. Alternatively, SoftSound® Designer Panels can be covered with a client’sown choice of fabric, subject to it being of a suitable quality and having the required acoustic properties.

Operating Temperature

 Suitable for use at normal building temperatures.

Fire Performance

Cara, Lucia and Lucia CS fabrics meet the requirements of Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame when tested to BS476: Part7: 1997 (As Amended). The composite panels have not been fire tested.

Thermal Conductivity

 0.033 W/mK @ 10OC

Packaging, Handling and Storage

SoftSound® panels are packed vertically on the long edge, covered in bubble wrap and delivered on non-returnable wooden pallets. They can be packed on wooden crates on request.

Panels should be stored inside and under cover in a dry, well- ventilated area protected from dirt and dust. Pallets and crates should be kept level and not double-stacked. Extreme care should be taken when handling to avoid damage.

Application and Fixing

SoftSound® Designer Panels are fixed via concealed Z-Clips or VELCRO® brand hook and loop fasteners (VELCRO® is a registered trade mark of Velcro Industries B.V.) or similar on the rear of the panel. For areas where multiple panels are being used, it is recommended that a minimum 15mm shadow gap is maintained.

Care and Maintenance

SoftSound® Designer Panels can be cleaned periodically with a low powered vacuum cleaner. Under no circumstances should they be cleaned using water. Stains can be treated with an appropriate cleaning solution applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

SoftSound® Designer Panels are available to order and should be fitted by skilled tradesmen or specialist contractors.

Acoustic Performance



Sound Absorption Coefficient (BS EN ISO 354)

* Absorber Class

125 Hz

250 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz2000 Hz

4000 Hz




* Absorber Classifications tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 11654:1997

Additional information

Weight6 kg

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