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Noisestop1 wall and ceiling sound proofing

Noisestop1 Panel 1200mm x 1200mm x 15mm Soundproof Panel 1.44 sqm

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£17.74 ex. VAT

Noisestop1 soundproofing board, our slimmest soundproof panel. Combine with acoustic insulation and soundbreaker bars to form acoustic walls and ceilings. The Noisestop1 board will increase the sound insulation of poorly insulated stud walls and acoustic walls for party wall soundproofing. Apply to ceilings to reduce airborne sound transfer, combine with acoustic insulation or higher levels of sound insulation. The high mass barrier mats used to manufacture the boards add density and reduce vibration through the soundproof plasterboard.

Size: 1200mm x 1200mm x 15mm (1.44m²) £12.31 per m²

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Noisestop1 Panel

Combines a 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard with a layer of 2.5mm mass loaded barrier mat. The acoustic membrane bonded to this panel adds to the mass of the panel. It also absorbs vibration which reduces the amount of sound transfer between rooms.

  • 15mm x 1200mm x 1200mm (1.44m²)
  • Use on party walls, stud walls and ceilings
  • Reduce airborne noise between rooms up to 39dB
  • Suitable for plastering

Fitting the Noisestop1 Panel

The Noisestop1 Panel can be fitted directly onto party walls, for best results we recommend using this product with a stud frame. Using DFM acoustic insulation and Soundbreaker Bars will ensure a greater level of soundproofing.

You should always use AC50 acoustic sealant around the perimeter of the wall and on the edge of each panel. One standard tube of sealant should be enough for five panels.

Reduce flanking transmission by using DFM acoustic insulation between floor and ceiling joists.

Fitting the Noisestop1 Panel Directly to a Wall

Attach the Noisestop1 Panel directly to your wall using Smart Tack Adhesive. Alternatively use plugs and screws to attach the panels.

Fitting the Noisestop1 Panel to a Stud Wall

You can fix the Noisestop1 Panel directly on to a stud frame, for better results use the Soundbreaker Bars. If you are soundproofing an existing stud wall fix the panel over the existing plasterboard. For the best results remove one side of the plasterboard. Replace the existing insulation with DFM acoustic insulation. Fasten the Soundbreaker Bars to the stud frame and then fix the Noisestop1 Panel to the bars.

To soundproof a party wall we recommend using the Noisestop1 Panel as part of a combination of products. Noisestop Systems supply wall soundproofing kits that we recommend for use on party walls, Wall System 1 or Wall System 2.

Fitting the Noisestop1 Panel to Ceilings

The Noisestop1 Panel can be used to overboard existing ceilings. Alternatively this panel can be combined with other products to offer higher levels of soundproofing. Combine with DFM acoustic insulation and Soundbreaker Bars.

Direct to wall soundproofing comparison table

Direct to wall soundproofing solutions

ProductType of noiseSystems thicknessNoise reduction
Noisestop Acoustic PanelClearly audible noise, loud conversation22.5mm50dB
Noisestop1Low level noise, for higher results results use as part of a wall system15mm39dB
Noisestop1+Low level noise, for higher results results use as part of a wall system. Supplied with all our soundproofing kits18mm42dB
Noisestop2+General domestic background noise improved performance30mm48dB
Noisestop2Normal conversation and background noise28mm45dB

For enquiries please call 01423 339163, or send us a message via our contacts page.

Additional information

Weight21 kg

1200mm x 1200mm



Area coverage





Noisestop Systems deliver soundproofing throughout the UK using a pallet distribution network. Using this method of delivery we are able to supply materials nationwide quickly and at competitive rates. For smaller items we use a courier network to deliver smaller parcels.

We aim to ship orders within 2-3 working days. Once you have placed an order we will arrange a suitable delivery date for you. If you order over the phone the delivery date will be confirmed with you at that point. If you have placed your order online we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date.

Please let us know of any restrictions at your delivery address for HGV wagons in order or us to pass the information on to the delivering company.

FREE shipping on orders over £750 ex. VAT

Delivery costs

  • Small items we can courier £20 ex. VAT.
  • Large items sent on a pallet standard charge across UK to most postcodes £33 ex. VAT.
  • Large items sent on a pallet to the following postcodes AB, DD, IV, KW, PA, PH, IM, BT, JE, GY will be charged at £53 ex. VAT. This is due to higher delivery costs to these postcodes.

When your delivery arrives

It is important to sign for the delivery when it arrives. You should note any shortages or damage to your order when you accept the goods in the unfortunate cases when materials are damaged in transit. This will enable us to swiftly resolve the issue and have replacements sent out.

The delivery is a curb side delivery service; drivers will not carry goods into the property. The pallet will be dropped as near to the property as possible.

Returning Goods

We are happy to accept goods that are not needed due to over ordering, returns will be charged at the cost of arranging the collection with the collecting company, and this will be confirmed at the point of arranging the return. Please contact us to make arrangements to return goods, call 01423 339163.

For enquiries please call 01423 339163, or send us a message via our contacts page.

How do you cut the boards to fit?

Answer: The soundproof boards are easy to cut using a sharp stanley knife or a hand saw. You can use jigsaws and circular saws if you have them. You do not need any special cutting tools.

How do you attach the boards to the Soundbreaker Bars?

Answer: The boards are screwed straight on to the bars, there is no pre-drilling required. Once you have fixed the bars in place screw through the boards into the bars. The wide corrugated fixing area on the bar acts as the stud frame holding the boards in place. The panels can be fitted to bars on walls and ceilings in this way. You can use dry wall screws or any universal type screw to attach the boards.

What is the best way of finishing these soundproof panels?

Answer: All the soundproof panels in the Noisestop range come with an acoustic plasterboard outer face which has a tapered edge. The boards can either be plastered or the edge can be taped and filled ready to decorate.

Can I attach things on to the wall afterwards?

Answer: Once you have completed the work you can treat the wall as you would any other wall. Try to avoid too many fixing going through the wall as this may cause sound transfer. Suitable plugs and screws should be used to fix to the wall, we would recommend plasterboard plugs be used for hanging lightweight items.

Can I stick these boards directly on to the wall?

Answer: If you are looking for a thin soundproofing solution you can use an adhesive to stick these panels to your walls. We recommend the Smart tack adhesive for this type of installation.

What do you use these soundproof panels for?

Answer: This type of panel can be used as a stand alone product to stop low levels of airborne sound transfer. These boards are widely used in our wall and ceiling soundproofing kits as part of a combination of products to build acoustic walls and ceilings. Combine these panels with DFM acoustic insulation, Soundbreaker Bars and acoustic sealants for the best results.

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Noisestop1 Panel 1200mm x 1200mm x 15mm Soundproof Panel 1.44 sqm

£17.74 ex. VAT