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Wall soundproofing System 1 soundproofing kit

Wall System 1 Party Wall 83mm Soundproofing Kit

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Wall soundproofing system to block high levels of airborne and impact sound, soundproof rooms that require high levels of sound insulation

Wall System 1 soundproofing kit combines all the soundproof materials to create an acoustic wall to increase the sound insulation of party walls. Reduce sound from noisy neighbours using this wall soundproofing system. The combination of acoustic insulation, acoustic hangers and soundproof panels will reduce high levels of airborne and impact sounds. Using a soundproof stud wall is the best way to soundproof party walls to stop excessive levels of sound, with an expected reduction of up to 60dB.

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Wall System 1

Wall System 1 is one of Noisestop Systems highest performing party wall soundproofing kits. Combining the essential acoustic products to soundproof an existing wall. Achieve high levels of sound insulation, whilst keeping space loss in the room to below 85mm.

Wall System 1 comprises of 50mm acoustic insulation which will block and absorb sound waves, therefore reducing airborne sound through the wall.

The soundbreaker bars attached to the stud frame are an acoustic hanger, they will adsorb vibration that would normally transfer through your walls, and this vibration is how the sound transfers between rooms.

The final layer of Noisestop 1+ panels combine mass and density to block airborne sound, the combination of acoustic plasterboard and the mass vinyl backing will reduce airborne sound and vibration of the plasterboard.

AC50 acoustic sealants are used to seal the edges of the boards and around the perimeter of the wall. Using acoustic sealant will ensure no small gaps are left between the boards for sound to escape.

  • System thickness only 85mm
  • Creates a false acoustic wall
  • Combines acoustic products to reduce airborne and impact sound through your wall
  • Use on any wall type including party walls and stud walls
  • 30 minute fire protection
  • DIY soundproofing solution
  • Part E compliant for separating walls
  • Noisy neighbour soundproofing solution, rooms that require higher levels of sound insulation, cinema rooms and music rooms

Fitting Wall System 1

Wall System 1 is fitted using a timber or metal stud frame. Erect the framework in the normal manner, try to avoid fixing directly into the party wall, this will reduce sound transfer between the two walls. The stud frame should be fixed to the floor and ceiling and the return walls.

wall system 1

wall system 1

Reduce flanking noise

When you are considering any form of wall soundproofing you should take into account flanking sound. Sound travels around a building through any cavities it can find. One of the easiest ways for sound to pass through is between floor cavities. Sound transferring through these areas is flanking sound. When soundproofing a wall you should consider reducing the chance of sound transferring through floor cavities between the floor joists.

If your floor joists are shared with a neighbouring property it is easy or sound to transfer through the floor. If you are soundproofing a party wall you should check to see if floor joists are going through to your neighbours property. Do this by checking which way your floorboards are running. If they run in the same direction as the wall the chances are you floor joists will be running into the wall, this will increase the chance of flanking sound transferring between the properties.

The easiest way to reduce flanking sound through your floors is to insulate between the floor joists. Remove a few floor boards up against the wall and fill the cavity against the wall with acoustic insulation 80kg/m³ would be a suitable density of slab to use. Fit the slabs against the wall, coming back into the room approximately 600mm, or the width off a slab.

Wall soundproofing comparison

ProductApplicationSystems thicknessNoise reduction on a party wallNoise reduction for stud walls
Wall System1Solution for party walls85mm60dB
Wall System 2Solution for party walls45mm55dB
Stud Wall Kit 50mm InsulationSolution for party walls and independent stud walls95mm including stud frame61dB51dB
Stud Wall Kit 75mm InsulationSolution for party walls and independent stud walls120mm including stud frame63dB53dB
Stud Wall Kit 100mm
Solution for party walls and independent stud walls145mm including stud frame66dB56dB

Wall soundproofing solutions

Take a look at our full range of wall soundproofing products view all our solutions to soundproof walls. Whether you are looking for noisy neighbour soundproofing or for a music room, find the best solution for your requirements.


Noisestop range

The Noisestop range of products has been fitted into homes and businesses across the UK for more than twenty years. In that time we have been able to develop the Noisestop range of products to ensure the very best levels of soundproofing to restore peace and quiet at work and in your homes.

Using our extensive knowledge of the soundproof and acoustic industry we have been able to develop products to soundproof walls, floors and ceilings that are both affordable and more importantly good at what they do. All the products we supply have been tried and tested in real life situations in homes and businesses, so we know they work in real life situations, not just in a lab.

From our base in Yorkshire we are well placed to deliver your soundproofing requirements throughout the UK. We send all our soundproof products direct so we have full control over all the products that leave our warehouse.

Our team are ready and willing in assisting you with any enquiries relating to products in the Noisestop range. Whether you are unsure about a product, or you don’t know which solution to choose, don’t worry we have had many years of experience which we can share with you to help solve any noise related issue.

You can contact us through our contacts page and send us an enquiry, alternatively give us a call on 01423 339163.


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Additional information

Weight100 kg
Total Wall Area:

5m², 6m², 7m², 8m², 9m², 10m², 11m², 12m², 13m², 14m², 15m², 16m², 17m², 18m², 19m², 20m²

Product Fitting Guide

Wall System 1

Wall System 1

Wall soundproofing solution to increase the sound insulation of party walls

Wall System 1 provides soundproofing for domestic party walls as well as forming an acoustic wall to be used as an internal lining to improve the sound insulation of existing walls.

Fitting Wall System 1

Wall System 1 is installed on to a stud frame, the frame work can be timber metal frame. Try to avoid mechanical fixing into the party wall. You will reduce the chance of sound transfer through the wall if you don’t fix into the existing wall. The new stud wall should be fixed in place by attaching the foot of the stud to the floor and the header to the ceiling. The sides of the new wall should be fastened to the return walls.

It is important to ensure the depth of the stud frame is equal too, or deeper than the thickness of the acoustic insulation. Acoustic insulation slabs will not compress. If you try to compress the slabs too much the plasterboard will eventually move and crack along the edges of the boards.

NOTE: Leave a small gap if possible of at least 10mm between the existing wall and the new stud frame; this will further reduce sound transfer between the two walls.

 Once the stud work has been installed you can move on to installing your soundproofing system.

Wall preparation

Before you begin installing the new acoustic wall you should remove all wall decorations, skirting boards, coving and picture rails. Electrical outlets should be removed prior to any work, extend electrical cable as required to reinstate once the work is complete. All decorative features that have been removed can be reinstated once the wall is finished.

Step 1.

Insulating the stud frame

The new stud frames should be filled with the DFM acoustic insulation. The stud frame should be filled with no gaps between the insulation or the insulation and the stud work.

Acoustic insulation can be cut with a hand saw or an old bread knife. Measure the opening between the studs and cut the insulation approximately 5mm wider. Cutting the slabs wider than the opening will mean the slabs will friction fit between the studs. You shouldn’t need to use fixing to hold the slabs in place; if necessary a screw or nail can be fastened into the side of the stud to hold the insulation in place.

Step 2.

Fixing Soundbreaker bars

Now the wall is filled with the acoustic insulation you are ready to fix the soundbreaker bars to the stud frame. The bars are fixed to the stud frame running at right angles to the studs.

NOTE: It is important the bars are fixed the right way up. The bars have a pre drilled edge with lots of holes running along the full length of the bar. This section should always be at the bottom of the bar. The wider corrugated part of the bar should be facing in to the room.

Screw the bars straight into the stud frame using the pre drilled holes as the pilot hole. Fasten the first bar 50mm from the floor up the wall. Fix the bars into each stud along the full length of the bar. The bars are 3m long; if your wall is longer than 3m you should over lap the bars to extend them the length of your wall. The rest of the bars should be spaced out to ensure you have a bar every 600mm. Measure from the floor and fix a bar in the same way all the way up the wall. Ensure you have enough bars to fix a bar at the top of the wall. When you have finished you should be left with three points to fasten the boarding into for the next step of the installation.

Step 3.

Fitting the soundproof panels

The soundproof panels are fastened to the soundbreaker bars using dry wall or universal screws. You can not nail into the bars. You will not need to drill the panels before you attach them. Screw straight through the panel into the wide corrugated flange of the bar. You should be able to use 15 screws per full size panel 1200mm x 1200mm. Fasten into the three bars behind the boards with 5 screws per bar. Do not over tighten the screws, they should be flush or just below the surface of the plasterboard face.

NOTE: the panels are fitted with the blue face of the acoustic plasterboard facing into the room. The mass loaded barrier mat on the back of the board faces into the wall.

 When you reach the edges of the wall you will need to cut the soundproof boards. All Noisestop soundproof panels can be cut with a Stanley knife or hand saw. If you have power tools they can be cut with circular saws or a jigsaw.

It is important to ensure that every edge of the panels is well fitted and sealed. Do not leave gaps between the boards; ensure they are butted up together. Use AC50 acoustic sealant along the edges of each panel as you install them. Once you’ve fitted the first board run a bead of sealant along the edge and then push the next panel up to the board. This will guarantee each panel has been sealed along the edge with acoustic sealant. Once you have fitted all the boards you can go round the wall making sure any gaps have been filled with the acoustic sealant.

Step 4.

Finishing you wall

Because all the soundproof panels in the Noisestop range are manufactured with a 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard with tapered edges you can chose to finish the panels in two different ways. Because these panels are plasterboard you can plaster skim straight on to the face of the panels using multi skim thin coat plaster. Alternatively the tapered edge along two edges of the panel can be taped, filled and sanded.

Reinstate your wall furniture as necessary. Electrical points can be fitted back into the wall. To avoid cutting out sections of the wall we would recommend surface mounted sockets. Always ensure that any areas that have been removed are sealed with acoustic sealant.

Wall System1

Product information

Wall System1


Noisestop 1+

Product information

Soundbreaker Bars

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AC50 acoustic sealant

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DFM acoustic insulation

Product information


Noisestop Systems deliver soundproofing throughout the UK using a pallet distribution network. Using this method of delivery we are able to supply materials nationwide quickly and at competitive rates. For smaller items we use a courier network to deliver smaller parcels.

We aim to ship orders within 2-3 working days. Once you have placed an order we will arrange a suitable delivery date for you. If you order over the phone the delivery date will be confirmed with you at that point. If you have placed your order online we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date.

Please let us know of any restrictions at your delivery address for HGV wagons in order or us to pass the information on to the delivering company.

FREE shipping on orders over £750 ex. VAT

Delivery costs

  • Small items we can courier £20 ex. VAT.
  • Large items sent on a pallet standard charge across UK to most postcodes £33 ex. VAT.
  • Large items sent on a pallet to the following postcodes AB, DD, IV, KW, PA, PH, IM, BT, JE, GY will be charged at £53 ex. VAT. This is due to higher delivery costs to these postcodes.

When your delivery arrives

It is important to sign for the delivery when it arrives. You should note any shortages or damage to your order when you accept the goods in the unfortunate cases when materials are damaged in transit. This will enable us to swiftly resolve the issue and have replacements sent out.

The delivery is a curb side delivery service; drivers will not carry goods into the property. The pallet will be dropped as near to the property as possible.

Returning Goods

We are happy to accept goods that are not needed due to over ordering, returns will be charged at the cost of arranging the collection with the collecting company, and this will be confirmed at the point of arranging the return. Please contact us to make arrangements to return goods, call 01423 339163.

For enquiries please call 01423 339163, or send us a message via our contacts page.

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Wall System 1 Party Wall 83mm Soundproofing Kit

£140.80£563.22 ex. VAT