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Noisestop panel

Noisestop Acoustic Panel

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The Noisestop Acoustic is popular choice for DIY soundproofing and professionals as It can be easily applied to party walls, alcoves, stud walls and ceilings without the need for additional materials.

Due to the panel only being 22.5mm thick peace and quiet can be quickly restored in your home or office without compromising living space. Noisestop Acoustic Panels comprise a combination of 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard and a triple layer of two 2,5mm mass loaded vinyl mats and a 5mm layer of acoustic grade foam.

Apply the panel directly on to party walls, stud walls or ceiling joists for high levels of sound reduction from noisy neighbours. Loud conversation, amplified TV and stereos up to 50dB noise reduction on a party wall will be blocked.

Upgrade existing walls and ceilings in music studios and cinema rooms. Ensure walls meet Part E Building Regulations.

How to fit Noisestop Acoustic Panels

Product Download pdf.

Size 1200mm x 1200mm x 22mm (1.44m²) £28.71 per m²

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Noisestop Acoustic Panel

Noisestop Acoustic Panel Combines a 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard with a 10mm triple composite of two layers of high density mass loaded vinyl sheets either side of a layer of acoustic foam. The resultant panel blocks and absorbs very high levels of airborne sound. One of the latest soundproof panels in our direct to wall soundproofing range. At only 22.5mm thick it is one of the thinnest solutions for effective soundproofing.

Soundproof party walls, alcoves and stud walls with the Noisestop Acoustic Panel. A versatile panel that can be used to soundproof ceilings. Quickly restore peace and quiet to your home or work place. Ease of installation means this panel is a popular choice for DIY soundproofing.

  • 22.5mm x 1200mm x 1200mm (1.44m²)
  • Use on party walls, stud walls and ceilings
  • Slim soundproofing panel
  • Reduces airborne noise between rooms up to 50dB
  • Suitable for plastering

Noisestop Acoustic Panel to Soundproof Noisy Neighbours

You should choose this panel if you are looking for a noisy neighbour soundproof solution. As a stand alone product this panel will soundproof your party wall against mid to high levels of domestic sounds, loud conversation and amplified TV and music.

Fitting the Noisestop Acoustic Panel

The Noisestop Acoustic Panel is suitable for use on party walls and internal stud walls. The high levels of soundproofing this panel offers means it will soundproof a room without additional materials. If you require higher levels of soundproofing for studios or extreme neighbour noise you can combine with DFM acoustic insulation and Soundbreaker Bars.

You should always use AC50 acoustic sealant around the perimeter of the wall and on the edge of each panel. One standard tube of sealant should be enough for five panels.

Reduce flanking transmission by using DFM acoustic insulation between floor and ceiling joists.

Fitting the Noisestop Acoustic Panel Directly on to a Brick Wall

Attach the Noisestop Panel Panel directly to your wall using Smart Tack Adhesive. Alternatively use plugs and screws to attach the panels.

Fitting the Noisestop Acoustic Panel Directly on to a Stud Wall

Increase the soundproofing of an internal stud wall with the Noisestop Acoustic Panel. Attach the panel over existing plasterboard to improve the sound insulation between rooms. Remove the plasterboard from one side of the stud wall you can then combine this panel with DFM acoustic insulation and Soundbreaker Bars. This will ensure your stud walls have the best levels of soundproofing between rooms.

Direct to wall soundproofing comparison table

Direct to wall soundproofing solutions

ProductType of noiseSystems thicknessNoise reduction
Noisestop Acoustic PanelClearly audible noise, loud conversation22.5mm50dB
Noisestop1Low level noise, for higher results results use as part of a wall system15mm39dB
Noisestop1+Low level noise, for higher results results use as part of a wall system. Supplied with all our soundproofing kits18mm42dB
Noisestop2+General domestic background noise improved performance30mm48dB
Noisestop2Normal conversation and background noise28mm45dB
Wall soundproofing Noisestop Acoustic Panel
Noisestop Acoustic Panel

For enquiries please call 01423 339163, or send us a message via our contacts page.

Additional information

Weight32 kg



1200mm x 1200mm



Reduction dB


Suitable for

Noisy neighbours, Part E, party walls, stud walls

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