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Noisestop 2+

Noisestop2 Panel

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Noisestop2 soundproofing panels combine two layers of 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard and a 2.5mm mass loaded vinyl centre. The panels are designed to be slim, only 28mm thick.

The panels can be applied directly to any wall, use a plasterboard adhesive to bond to party walls, the panel can also be screwed to stud frames, soundbreaker bars and ceiling joists.

Noisestop2 panel will ensure walls meet current Part E Building Regulations. With a sound reduction from a neighbouring property of 45dB general household sounds will be blocked.

Product Download pdf.

How to install this system

Size 1200mm x 1200mm x 28mm (1.44m²) £18.61 per m²

Call 01423 339163 for all enquiries. FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £750ex.VAT

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Noisestop2 Panel

The Noisestop2 panel soundproofs walls with a minimal amount of space loss in the room. When applied to a brick party wall the Noisestop2 panel will achieve sound reduction up to 45dB. Noise from a neighbouring property will be muffled and inaudible through a party wall. Noisestop2 panel will improve the sound insulation of poorly insulated internal stud walls. This acoustic panel will ensure separating walls comply with Part E Building Regulations. Improve the sound insulation of ceilings by installing the Noisestop2 panel below your existing ceiling.

Noisestop2 Panel 1200mm x 1200mm x 28mm (1.44m²)

The Noisestop2 panel combines two 12.5mm layers of soundblock plasterboard with a 2.5mm mass loaded vinyl layer in the middle. The combination of products adds mass and density to the wall area, blocking the sound as it transfers through the wall. The mass loaded vinyl ensures vibration through the wall is reduced and the high mass blocks airborne noise transfer.

  • Install directly on to your wall with plasterboard adhesive
  • No need for screws
  • Noisy neighbour solution – block conversation and TV noise through your walls
  • Upgrade existing ceilings – reduce airborne sound through your ceiling
  • Tapered edge finish is ready to fill or skim

Fitting the Noisestop2 Panel

The Noisestop2 panel can be carried out by home owners who are DIY competent or by tradesman. Fix the Noisestop2 directly on to the wall surface using plasterboard adhesive. Mix the adhesive as per the instructions on the bag. Attach the boards to the wall with fist sized dabs to the back of the board or the wall. Push the panel firmly on to the wall surface. Use a minimum of nine dabs per board, this is the dot and dab method. Cut the panels with a hand saw or circular saw. When you are installing soundproof panels you should always consider using acoustic sealants for the edges of the boards. Screw the Noisestop2 panel into ceiling joists or onto Soundbreaker Bars.

System requirements

We recommend that one tube of AC50 acoustic sealant and one bag of plasterboard adhesive will be enough for five 1200mm x 1200mm panels. Sealing the edges will ensure the best levels of soundproofing.

Why would you choose it?

This is one of our most established soundproofing panels. Its range of uses make it an excellent choice for any wall or ceiling soundproofing solution, as a stand alone product it will block neighbour noise. For even better levels of sound insulation add the Noisestop2 panel to stud walls and acoustic false walls. If you need to meet Part E then this panel will ensure your walls meet the requirements.

Direct to wall soundproofing comparison table

Direct to wall soundproofing solutions

ProductType of noiseSystems thicknessNoise reduction
Noisestop Acoustic PanelClearly audible noise, loud conversation22.5mm50dB
Noisestop1Low level noise, for higher results results use as part of a wall system15mm39dB
Noisestop1+Low level noise, for higher results results use as part of a wall system. Supplied with all our soundproofing kits18mm42dB
Noisestop2+General domestic background noise improved performance30mm48dB
Noisestop2Normal conversation and background noise28mm45dB

Noisestop2 Panel wall soundproofing

For enquiries please call 01423 339163, or send us a message via our contacts page.

Additional information

Weight38 kg

1200mm x 1200mm



Area coverage


Reduction dB


Suitable for

Noisy neighbours, Part E, party walls, stud walls

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