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Soundproof Wall Panels

Soundproof Wall Panels

Soundproof Wall Panels

Noisestop Systems supply a range of soundproof wall panels to increase the sound insulation for walls. Soundproof your walls with direct to wall solutions that are easy to install for DIY soundproofing. In this post, we will explain how the different soundproofing panels can be used to soundproof your walls.

Can I soundproof my party wall using your soundproof wall panels?

Yes, you can soundproof walls effectively with direct to wall soundproofing panels. Choose from a range of soundproofing panels designed to effectively soundproof walls with a minimum amount of space loss in the room.

Noisestop Acoustic Panel

The Noisestop Acoustic Panel is the latest product in our wall soundproofing range. It is also one of the thinnest wall soundproofing panels available. At only 22.5mm thick, you get an effective sound barrier without the loss of living space. Screw or bond directly to party walls for a quick and easy installation. This panel combines a 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard with a triple composite layer of 5mm acoustic foam and two 2.5mm mass loaded vinyl sheets.

Once this Noisestop Acoustic Panel has been installed onto your wall, you can use either tape and fill the edges before decorating or have the wall plastered.

Noisestop2 and Noisestop2+ Panels

Noisestop Systems supply the Noisestop2 and Noisestop2+ panels, our original wall soundproofing panels. These panels are suitable for direct bonding to walls with plasterboard adhesive. The panels are dot and dabbed to walls like traditional plasterboard. These panels have a centre of mass loaded vinyl bonded between sheets of 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard. The vinyl centre adds mass to the board and reduces vibration through the plasterboard, this blocks and absorbs sound through your walls.

Once installed, this panel has been installed onto your wall. You can use either tape and fill the edges before decorating or have the wall plastered.

Ultra-slim soundproofing panels

Our slimmest panels are the Noisestop1 and Noisestop1+. Combine these panels with other materials to form very effective wall soundproofing solutions. The Noisestop1+ is supplied with all of our wall soundproofing kits. Increase the sound insulation between stud walls with these panels or combine DFM acoustic insulation and soundbreaker bars for a party wall soundproofing solution.

Wall soundproofing Noisestop Acoustic Panel
Noisestop Acoustic Panel

Noisestop Acoustic Panel

  • Soundproof party walls or stud walls – Noisy neighbour solution as well as increasing privacy at home or the office
  • Sound reduction up to 50dB – Good reduction for domestic noise
  • Part E – Ensure separating walls meet current Building Regulations
  • Slim wall soundproofing panel – You don’t lose valuable living space
  • DIY solution – Easy installation

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Noisestop2 & Noisestop2+ Panels

Noisestop2 Panel wall soundproofing
Noisestop2 & Noisestop2+
  • Soundproof party walls – Noisy neighbour solution
  • Part E – Ensure separating walls meet current Building Regulations
  • Sound reduction 45 & 48dB – Muffle sounds through your party wall
  • DIY solution – Easy installation plaster finish or just tape and fill the edges

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Noisestop1+ Panel

Wall Soundproofing system 1
Noisestop 1+ Panel
  • Slim wall soundproofing panel
  • Increase the sound insulation of existing walls
  • Add to stud walls
  • Used in wall soundproofing kits
  • Combine with acoustic insulation and Soundbreaker Bars

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Wall kit using the Noisestop1+ Panel

wall system 1

Noisestop supplies a range of wall soundproofing kits for party walls and stud walls. The kits we supply come with the Noisestop1+ as part of the systems. Increase the sound reduction by using the Noisestop Acoustic Panel as an alternative.

Wall Soundproofing Kits

  • High levels of sound insulation – Combining products gives you a better level of sound insulation between walls
  • Airborne and vibration reduced – Create mass and separation with wall kits

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Soundproof wall panels are the best soundproofing for walls if you have a limited amount of space to lose. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone soundproofing panel or something to combine with a combination of products, the Noisestop range of panels will ensure you get the most out of your soundproofing.

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