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Soundproofing a Living Room Wall

Living room wall soundproofing

How to soundproof a living room wall

This guide will explain how to soundproof a living room wall against noisy neighbours and increase sound insulation in your home. Whether trying to soundproof the party wall with a neighbouring property or a stud wall, these solutions will effectively block sounds from transferring through living walls.

Soundproofing living room walls from noisy neighbours

Soundproofing the wall between neighbouring properties is one of our most common enquiries. Because living rooms are where people tend to watch TV or listen to music, they are often the rooms that people want soundproofing. Use one of the following solutions to block sounds through the party wall, transferring into your living room.

For the highest level of noise reduction, soundproof your living room walls using the AcoustiClip Direct to Wall Soundproofing System. This type of soundproofing comprises acoustic insulation, AcoustiClips, AcoustiChannel and soundproof panels. Combining these materials is the best method for increasing the sound insulation of your living room wall.

If your living room is tight on space and you can not lose the living space that a false wall requires, consider using the slimmer soundproofing option of panels installed directly onto the party wall. The Noisestop Silent Panel is our highest-performing stand-alone solution, ideal for soundproofing rooms without compromising living space.

Soundproof systems for brick party walls

Most popular direct to
wall soundproofing solution

AcoustiClip Direct Party Wall System Soundproof Kit

£316.32 exc VAT.

Direct to wall soundproofing panels

Use one of these soundproof wall panels for the living room. Soundproof your room without compromising your living space. This type of solution can either be applied onto party walls to block the sound of neighbour noise or onto stud walls if you need to reduce sounds transferring between rooms.

Soundproof the internal stud walls in your living room

Looking for ways to soundproof a living room from other rooms in your home, these solutions will help increase the sound insulation of internal stud walls. The best way to soundproof a stud wall in a living room is to increase the wall’s density and create separation. These soundproof systems will ensure you reduce noise levels in your own home.

Premium stud Wall Solution Using AcoustiClips

AcoustiClip Stud Wall System Soundproof Kit

£310.56 exc VAT.

Stud Wall Kit Using 75mm Acoustic Insulation

Stud Wall Kit 75mm DFM Acoustic Insulation

£260.45 exc VAT.

Stud Wall Kit Using 50mm Acoustic Insulation

Stud Wall Kit 50mm DFM Acoustic Insulation

£214.89 exc VAT.

Wall soundproofing accessories

Some wall soundproofing accessories to consider to improve the overall performance of your soundproofed wall. Use acoustic pads behind electrical outlets to reduce noise transfer through those areas. Isolate stud walls with isolation strips around the perimeter of the framework.

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