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Soundproofing for a Brick Wall

Guide to Soundproofing Brick Walls

Use our wall soundproofing guide to help you decide the right solution to soundproof brick walls

When you are soundproofing a brick party wall, there are two types of solutions. The first type of solution is direct to wall panels. This type of solution is the thinnest option for soundproofing brick walls. Soundproof a room and keep space loss to a minimum using boards fixed directly to the surface of the wall.

You would use a direct to wall solution for soundproofing walls against clear conversation and TV noise that is clearly audible. You would not use the thinner solutions applied to the wall to stop low-frequency impact sounds and deep voices or bass music. Stop this type of sound using the second option, the soundproofing systems.

Soundproofing systems use a combination of materials that reduce impact, and low-frequency sounds such as bass music and very loud, noisy neighbours when fitted to the solid party wall.

Choose the solution that meets your needs, direct to wall or a soundproofing system?

Direct to Wall Solutions

soundproofing for walls

Soundproofing Systems

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