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Soundproofing Systems for Brick Walls

Solutions to soundproof brick party walls

Take a look at our most popular soundproofing systems for brick walls. Reduce impact/vibration and airborne sounds using these acoustic wall solutions. A soundproofing system will offer the best sound insulation due to the increased mass and density of the materials. Installing one of these solutions will also increase isolation from the existing wall. By de-coupling, the wall, vibration and impact sounds are also reduced.

AcoustiClip Direct to Wall System

AcoustiClip Solid Wall Stud System

Party Wall System 2

  • Thinnest brick party wall solution
  • Apply directly to the wall that requires soundproofing
  • Increase the mass and absorption of the wall
  • Stop unwanted airborne sound, conversation and TV noise
  • The system includes 25mm acoustic insulation, Noisestop 1+ Panels and acoustic sealants
  • A great solution for rooms that need to keep the loss of space to a minimum
  • System thickness 43mm

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Recomended soundproofing systems for brick walls

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