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Soundproofing Systems

Soundproofing Systems

Soundproofing Systems

Noisestop Systems provide a range of soundproofing systems for walls and ceilings. Combining soundproof materials to ensure the very highest levels of soundproofing.

Soundproof a wall, floor or ceiling by combining different types of materials will ensure the best levels of soundproofing. Different combinations of materials will ensure you increase the mass and separation of the room you are trying to soundproof. Below are examples of our most popular soundproofing systems, combining all the necessary soundproofing products you will need to soundproof a room.

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Effective Soundproofing Products for Walls and Ceilings

Using the right combination of materials is key to ensuring the best levels of soundproofing. Our soundproofing systems for walls and ceilings contain all the essential products to effectively soundproof your room.

  • Use acoustic insulation between floor and ceiling joists or between a stud wall to reduce sound resonating inside the cavity.
  • Soundbreaker bars attached to stud frames or below ceiling joists to increase the separation of the area you are soundproofing.
  • Use Noisestop1+ High density soundproof panels are finish your wall or ceiling. Noisestop1+ combines acoustic plasterboard and a 5mm high mass barrier layer. This type of panel will significantly increase the mass reducing vibration through the plasterboard.

Soundproofing systems can be altered to suit your individual requirements. If you would like to alter any aspect of the systems please feel free to ask. If required swap the panels supplied or change the thickness or density of the insulation.

How to Improve Your Soundproofing System

  • A good soundproofing system can always benefit from additional remedial work to the area you are soundproofing.
  • If you are soundproofing a wall it is important to consider flanking noise. Sound can transfer between floor and ceiling joists above or below the wall you soundproof. filling these voids with acoustic insulation will help plug these areas. Ensure the wall you are going to soundproof is in relatively good condition, fill any obvious holes and large cracks before you install your soundproof wall.
  • Installing a new soundproof ceiling below the existing ceiling ensure any holes and cracks are sealed before you begin.

For more help on soundproofing systems and any aspect of soundproofing using our materials get in touch call 01423 339163 alternatively contact us.



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