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Barrier Shield floor soundproofing mats

Barrier Shield 1220mm x 1220mm High Density Mats 1.49 sqm

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Soundproof floors walls and ceilings with this mass loaded vinyl that will block airborne sound, versatile and effective soundproofing matting

Barrier Shield is one of the most versatile sound proof sheet products on the market. Its high mass and density give it a sound proofing reduction similar to a sheet of lead, it reduces vibration through the structures it is applied. Its flexibility makes it an essential product for almost any situation requiring a reduction in airborne noise (conversation, televisions and music) and can be used to soundproof walls, floors, ceilings and enclosures. Sound proof sheets Available in 2.5mm/5kgm² and 5mm/10kgm² sheets 1220mm x 1220mm (1.49m²).

How to install Barrier Shield

Size: 1220mm x 1220mm (1.49m²)

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Barrier Shield

Soundproof walls, floors, ceiling and enclosures using Barrier Shield soundproof mats. A versatile, and cost effective acoustic barrier mat for reducing airborne sound. The density of the product, which is similar to lead means it reduces airborne sound, TV noise and conversation.

Soundproof floors with an acoustic barrier mat

Barrier Shield can be used in many different applications as a sound insulation mat. It is suitable for use as a floor soundproof underlay. Lay over timber floors to reduce airborne sound transfer through the floor. Quick and easy to fit making these soundproof mats will increase the sound insulation of domestic floors. Combine with acoustic insulation for even higher levels of soundproofing.

Soundproof walls and ceilings

When you combine Barrier Shield with acoustic plasterboard you will also increase the sound insulation performance of the plasterboard. Making it suitable for use on walls and ceilings. Rooms that require additional levels of soundproofing like studios and home cinemas should consider this type of soundproof matting as part of an acoustic system.

  • Available in sheets 1220mm x 1220mm
  • Thickness & density
    • 2.5mm/5kg/m²
    • 5mm/10kg/m²
  • Acoustic performance dB
    • 5kg – 25dB
    • 10kg – 31dB

The best method of soundproofing enclosures

Due to its versatility and flexibility barrier Shield is used to soundproof enclosures. line the inside of any enclosure made of light weight materials such as ply or MDF to reduce airborne sound escaping. The best method of soundproofing enclosures is to combine it with an acoustic grade foam, eggbox foam would be a suitable acoustic foam to combine with the Barrier Shield. The acoustic foam absorbs sound as it bounces around inside the enclosure.

Installing Barrier Shield

Installing the product is very simple. Use a sharp knife or heavy duty scissors to cut the sheets to size. If you are laying them over a floor they can be loose laid in a brick bond pattern. Tape the edges down with a heavy duty duct tape.

Fitting the sheets to walls and ceilings you should use clout nails with a large head. Hang the sheets as an acoustic curtain to stud frames before you fit the plasterboard.

You should use a strong contact adhesive to stick the sheets to enclosures. The Smart Tack Adhesive will stick Barrier Shield to most flat surfaces.


Additional information

Weight10 kg
Thickness 2.5mm or 5mm

2.5mm, 5mm


5kg/m³, 10kg/m³

Sheet size

1200mm x 1200mm

Product Fitting Guide

Noisestop Barrier Shield

Barrier Shield soundproof matsMass loaded barrier membrane that has multiple uses, soundproofing for walls, floors, ceilings and enclosures.

Noisestop Systems Barrier Shield is a versatile high density soundproof mat with a variety of applications. The matting is used to add mass and density to the area that it is applied. Combine with sheet materials such as plasterboard to form an effective sound barrier for walls and ceilings. Barrier Shield will reduce airborne sound transfer when laid over timber floors. Increase the mass of the lining when building a soundproof enclosure by applying Barrier Shield to the enclosure.

Product information

  • Thickness 2.5mm and 5mm
  • Weight 5kg and 10kg
  • Sheets 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Coverage 1.44 sqm

Barrier Shield mats are easy to handle and can be cut to any shape with a sharp knife or a heavy duty pair of scissors. Depending on the type of installation you are doing the mats can be fixed to most substrates with a strong spray adhesive, we recommend using Smart Tack adhesive. The mats can also be fixed in place using nails or heavy duty staples.

Fitting Barrier Shield to soundproof walls and ceilings

Improve the sound insulation of walls and ceilings with Barrier Shield. The mats can be applied to wall and ceiling solutions in a number of ways. To increase the sound insulation of stud walls apply the matting directly to the stud frame by nailing the acoustic barrier to the framework. This way the matting will act as an acoustic curtain to block sound that would normally transfer through light weight stud walls.

Apply Barrier Shield to the back of sheet materials such as plasterboard. The product will increase the mass and density of the panels. By applying it to the back of plasterboards it will reduce vibration of the board, stopping sound transferring. Attach the mats with a spray adhesive to hold them in place before you fit the boards.

Combine Barrier Shield with acoustic insulation slabs, acoustic plasterboard and soundbreaker bars to construct acoustic systems to soundproof walls and ceilings.

Fitting Barrier Shield to floors

Lay Barrier Shield across timber sub floors to increase the level of sound insulation with this type of floor construction. Sheets should be butted together ensuring no gaps are left. Install the mats right up to the edge of the room, the whole floor area should be covered. The mats do not require fixing to the sub floor. If you are converting a property or carrying out work that has to meet Building Regulation Part ‘e’ you will have to glue the sheets down. Fix the mats to the sub floor with a floor grade adhesive or a spray adhesive.

Soundproof enclosures with Barrier Shield

Soundproof an enclosure by applying the mats to the surface of the enclosures. For the best level of soundproofing for enclosures use the mats combined with the acoustic grade eggbox foam.

Use an adhesive to bond the Barrier Shield to the inside of the enclosure. Use Smart Tack adhesive to bond the material as this has excellent adhesion strength. Once the enclosure has bee lined with the mats fix the eggbox foam over the mats. The build up of the enclosure should be, the enclosure on the outside, the barrier mats applied to the inside of the enclosure and the eggbox foam over the barrier mats.

Combining the two materials to the inside of the enclosure will increase the mass of the enclosure and absorb sound as it reverberates inside. This method of soundproofing is used for household pumps and cab be scaled up to larger pieces of machinery.

If you need any help regarding products or how they are fitted, call 01423 339163.

Barrier Shield

Product information

Barrier Shield



Noisestop Systems deliver soundproofing throughout the UK using a pallet distribution network. Using this method of delivery we are able to supply materials nationwide quickly and at competitive rates. For smaller items we use a courier network to deliver smaller parcels.

We aim to ship orders within 2-3 working days. Once you have placed an order we will arrange a suitable delivery date for you. If you order over the phone the delivery date will be confirmed with you at that point. If you have placed your order online we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date.

Please let us know of any restrictions at your delivery address for HGV wagons in order or us to pass the information on to the delivering company.

FREE shipping on orders over £750 ex. VAT

Delivery costs

  • Small items we can courier £20 ex. VAT.
  • Large items sent on a pallet standard charge across UK to most postcodes £33 ex. VAT.
  • Large items sent on a pallet to the following postcodes AB, DD, IV, KW, PA, PH, IM, BT, JE, GY will be charged at £53 ex. VAT. This is due to higher delivery costs to these postcodes.

When your delivery arrives

It is important to sign for the delivery when it arrives. You should note any shortages or damage to your order when you accept the goods in the unfortunate cases when materials are damaged in transit. This will enable us to swiftly resolve the issue and have replacements sent out.

The delivery is a curb side delivery service; drivers will not carry goods into the property. The pallet will be dropped as near to the property as possible.

Returning Goods

We are happy to accept goods that are not needed due to over ordering, returns will be charged at the cost of arranging the collection with the collecting company, and this will be confirmed at the point of arranging the return. Please contact us to make arrangements to return goods, call 01423 339163.

For enquiries please call 01423 339163, or send us a message via our contacts page.

What is Barrier Shield?

Answer: Noisestop Barrier Shield is a recycled mass loaded vinyl. The sheets are manufactured to replicate the mass and density similar to sheets of lead. this ensures the product is dense and maliable. this combination means Barrier Shield can be used to reduce noise in a variety of applications.

Can you cut the product?

Answer: The material is easy to cut, you will need a stanley knife or a sharp pair of scissors. A straight edge would be useful to ensure accurate cutting. The material can be cut to any shape required.

Does Barrier Shield reduce vibration?

Answer: When you apply the product to the back of sheet materials like plasterboard it will reduce sound vibrating through the board. the sheets will absorb the vibration that would normally occur with these types of building materials.

Can I soundproof an enclosure with Barrier Shield?

Answer: Enclosure soundproofing is achieved when you combine high mass products like Barrier Shield with Eggbox Foam an acoustic absorbent material. The combination of materials block and absorb the sound escaping form the enclosure.

Can I lay my floor on to the product?

Answer: Barrier Shield can be placed directly below most floor finishes including laminates, engineered flooring. We would recommend using a carpet underlay over the material if you are fitting carpets.

Do I need to glue the product to the floor?

Answer: You don't have to glue Barrier Shield to the floor unless you are complying with current Party 'e' Building Regulations. If you are carrying out general floor soundproofing you don't need to fix the product down.

Can I fix the product directly to my walls?

Answer: Barrier Shield can be used directly on to stud walls. Nail the product on to the stud frame before attaching plasterboard. It will act as an acoustic curtain and reduce sound transfer through light weight stud walls.

Can you use this product as a finish on the walls?

Answer: No you shouldn't use Barrier Shield as a final layer to soundproof walls or ceilings. You can not plaster or decorate on to the sheets. Use this product behind plasterboard and other sheet materials.

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Barrier Shield 1220mm x 1220mm High Density Mats 1.49 sqm

£8.35£18.20 ex. VAT