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Soundproof Panels

Soundproof Panels

A soundproof panel is a sound-blocking board that will reduce the passage of sound between rooms. Soundproof panels are manufactured using acoustic plasterboard, which is denser than standard plasterboard. A variety of membranes are added to the back of the acoustic plasterboard to increase the sound insulation performance. The membranes increase the board’s mass/density and improve the sound absorption capabilities. These two elements are vital in reducing airborne sound.

Use our range of soundproofing products to soundproof brick party walls and internal stud walls and increase the sound insulation against noisy neighbours. Choose one of the slim direct to wall soundproofing panels and restore quiet in your home.

All our solutions have the required elements to soundproof successfully your walls 

Best Selling Direct to Wall Panels

Soundproof walls without compromising living space using wall soundproofing panels. Soundproof panels to stop TV and conversation noise through party walls and stud walls. They are an excellent solution for blocking unwanted noise transfer between rooms. This type of solution is ideal if you require soundproofing but can not afford the space required by a complete soundproofing system.

Noisestop Silent Panel

Reduce the sound of clearly audible TV and conversation with our best-performing wall soundproofing panel.

Airborne soundproofing solution

52dB noise reduction 

30mm thick


Noisestop Acoustic Panel

Reduce the sound of muffled TV and conversation with our slimmest direct to wall soundproofing panel.

Airborne soundproofing solution

49dB noise reduction 

22.5mm thick


Noisestop 2 Panel

Applied directly onto brick walls or over finished walls to increase airborne sound insulation.

Airborne soundproofing solution

46dB noise reduction 

28mm thick


Essential Soundproofing Rules

Achieve the very best wall soundproofing results by following these essential soundproofing rules. These are adding mass/density to the area, isolating or decoupling the new structure from the existing and increasing sound absorption. These rules of soundproofing apply whether you are attempting to soundproof a stud wall or solid brick walls. Increasing mass makes it harder for the sound to transfer. The variety of high-mass products will block a great range of sounds. Decoupling the structure will reduce sound as it vibrates through a solid structure. Increasing absorption allows the wall to absorb the sound energy. These soundproofing principles are built into the design and specification of our wall soundproofing products and systems.


Adding mass/density to an area blocks sound transfer. Using materials with different densities will reduce a greater range of frequencies.


Creating isolation or decoupling the existing structure from the new enhances sound insulation.


Increase sound absorption with materials that absorb sound waves and reduce the energy that carries the sound.

Soundproofing Walls FAQs

The best way to soundproof a wall is to block the sound transmission from one room to another. The most effective methods to soundproof walls are:

Add mass: increasing the density of the wall by adding mass. Use mass loaded vinyl, soundproof plasterboards and high density acoustic insulation to enhance the sound insulation.

Decoupling: By isolating the existing structure from the new wall, you will reduce the vibration sound that transmits through the wall. The AcoustiClip system is the best method of decoupling walls and ceilings.

Sound absorption: The walls ability to absorb sound waves is crucial in noise reduction. Product combinations work best for overall sound absorption or sound dampening. Acoustic insulation and soundproof membranes will dampen and absorb sound waves as they come into contact with them.

All our solutions are designed to incorporate as many of these as possible.

The best way to soundproof party walls and internal stud walls is to use a soundproof system that combines materials to offer the highest level of noise reduction.

We recommend the AcosutClip System to soundproof any wall. The systems incorporate all the soundproofing products to ensure exceptional noise reduction against airborne and vibration noise. Provided with the systems are the AcoustiClip, AcoustiChannel, acoustic insulation, Noisestop 1+ Panels, acoustic plasterboard 15mm and acoustic sealants.

We have the AcoustiClip Direct System, our most popular solution for party walls. If you require soundproofing for excessively noisy neighbours or studios, we have the AcoustiClip Solid Wall System. The AcoustiClip Stud Wall System will restore privacy within your home for internal stud partitions.

Our slimmest wall soundproofing solutions are the Noisestop Sielnt Panel or Wall System 2.

Silent Panel 30mm: The Noisestop Silent offers the best acoustic performance of wall soundproofing panels. At only 30mm thick, it can be used to soundproof walls in the tightest of spaces.

Wall System 2: Our thinnest solution combining soundproofing materials is Wall System 2. If you have limited space and require maximum sound insulation this is our recommended solution.

All our products and systems for walls and ceilings are supplied with acoustic plasterboard as the final finish. This type of plasterboard can be finished in the same way as standard plasterboards.

The acoustic plasterboards have a tapered edge which allows for taping and jointing if you want to avoid having them plastered.



Yes, you can reinstate electrical outlets into any of our soundproofing solutions.

We can provide acoustic putty pads for the electrical back boxes for single and double sockets.

You can use your wall as any other wall when attaching lightweight items.

For heavier objects like wall-mounted TVs, you must secure them to the structural wall behind the soundproofing. Direct sound transmission through these fixings would typically be minimised due to the mass and absorption of the soundproof panels.

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