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How to Soundproof a Party Wall

How to Soundproof a Party Wall

How to Soundproof a Party Wall

Solutions to soundproof a party wall, reduce unwanted noise by soundproofing brick party walls. Noisestop Systems provide a range of party wall soundproofing products that will soundproof walls against noisy neighbours and other unwanted sounds through your partition wall. The cheapest way of soundproofing a shared wall is using slim direct to wall soundproofing panels. DIY soundproofing party wall solutions are quick and easy to install. Soundproof a wall from noisy neighbours to restore quiet in your home using solutions designed to soundproof party walls.

Please view our complete range of wall soundproofing products.

Thin solutions to soundproof a party wall

We are often asked, party wall soundproofing, does it really work? Yes, increase party wall sound insulation by adding mass to the wall and creating separation. Can I soundproof my party wall against a noisy neighbour without losing valuable living space? Yes, by using one of our slim soundproofing panels, you can soundproof a party wall, reducing general household sounds from transferring through your wall.

Noisestop Systems produce a range of party wall soundproofing panels. Our best performing individual product is the Noisestop Acoustic Panel. You can also choose the  Noisestop 2 Panels that can be dot and dabbed directly onto soundproof brick walls and other wall surfaces.

Noisestop Acoustic Panel

The Noisestop Acoustic Panel is our premium party wall soundproofing product. A stand-alone panel reduces the highest level of sound through a party wall, up to 50dB. At only 22.5mm thick, this panel is ideal for soundproofing party walls without compromising on living space. The panel can be glued directly onto flat wall surfaces, making installation quick and simple. Find out more about the Noisestop Acoustic Panel.

Slim sound proof Noisestop Acoustic Panel

Noisestop 2 Panel

A party wall soundproofing solution that can be bonded directly onto the wall. Soundproof a brick party wall and walls that have been finished using the Noisestop 2 Panel. The composition of the panel means it can be dot and dabbed to brick walls using plasterboard adhesive. Applying this panel to a brick party wall will reduce up to 46dB of airborne sound. Ensure your wall meets Part E requirements and also soundproof against noisy neighbours. Find out more about Noisestop 2 Panels.


Noisestop 2 Panel Product Corner

Part wall soundproof solutions for high levels of noise reduction

For the best party wall soundproofing solutions to reduce the highest level of sound, combine acoustic materials. DFM acoustic insulation, soundbreaker bars, and a soundproof panel offer the best party wall soundproofing solution. If you have very loud, noisy neighbours or require extra levels of sound insulation for your party wall, use one of our party wall soundproofing kits.

Wall System 1

Wall System 1 is our recommended solution for sound insulating party walls against high levels of airborne and impact sound. The system includes 50mm DFM acoustic insulation, soundbreaker bars, Noisestop 1+ Panel and AC50 acoustic sealant. The combined system is 83mm thick, an effective party wall soundproofing solution for a relatively small amount of space loss. Find out more about Wall System 1.

wall system 1

Wall System 2

Our thinnest party wall soundproofing system this solution offers good airborne noise reduction and only requires 43mm of space. Combining 25mm DFM acoustic insulation, Noisestop 1+ Panels and AC50 acoustic sealant creates a thin effective party wall soundproof solution. Find out more about Wall System 2.

Wall System 2 Soundproofing

Reduce flanking noise when soundproofing a party wall

When considering any form of wall soundproofing, you should take into account flanking sound. Sound travels around a building through any cavities it can find. One of the easiest ways for sound to pass through is between floor cavities. Sound transferring through these areas is flanking sound. When soundproofing a wall, you should consider reducing the chance of sound transferring through floor cavities between the floor joists.

If your floor joists are shared with a neighbouring property, it is easy or sounds to transfer through the floor. If you soundproof a party wall, you should check to see if floor joists are going through to your neighbour’s property. Do this by checking which way your floorboards are running. If they run in the same direction as the wall, the chances are your floor joists will be running into the wall. Increasing the chance of flanking sound transferring between the properties.

The easiest way to reduce flanking sound through your floors is to insulate between the floor joists. Remove a few floorboards up against the wall and fill the cavity against the wall with acoustic insulation 80kg/m³ would be a suitable density of slab to use. Fit the slabs against the wall, coming back into the room approximately 600mm, or the width of a slab.

Noisestop range

The Noisestop range of products has been fitted into homes and businesses across the UK for more than twenty years. In that time, we have developed the Noisestop range of products to ensure the very best levels of soundproofing to restore quiet at work and in your homes.

Using our extensive knowledge of the soundproof and acoustic industry, we have developed products that soundproof walls, floors and ceilings that are both affordable and, more importantly, good at what they do. All the products we supply have been tried and tested in real-life situations in homes and businesses, so we know they work in real-life situations, not just in a lab.

From our base in Yorkshire, we are well placed to deliver your soundproofing requirements throughout the UK. We send all our soundproof products direct, so we have full control over all the products that leave our warehouse.

Our team are ready and willing in assisting you with any enquiries relating to products in the Noisestop range. Whether you are unsure about a product or don’t know which solution to choose, don’t worry; we have many years of experience, which we can share with you to help solve any noise-related issue.

You can contact us through our contacts page and send us an enquiry, alternatively give us a call on 01423 339163.

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