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For the best level of soundproofing use a complete soundproof system to sound insulate your walls.

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Wall Soundproof Systems

These wall soundproof systems can significantly improve the sound insulation of existing and new walls. Soundproof brick party walls and stud walls stop unwanted airborne and vibration sounds from transferring between rooms.

Using product combinations ensures the best noise reduction levels. Our highest-performing systems are the AcoustiClip Systems. Combining the sound isolation properties of the AcoustiClip with high-mass insulation, dense boarding, and the sound-absorbing mass-loaded vinyl membrane creates an acoustic wall that will stop high noise levels.

Look through our soundproofing systems, which offer solutions for all wall types, including brick party walls and timber stud walls.


The best method of soundproofing an existing wall is to use the AcoustiClip system.

Apply the AcoustiClip system to party walls or stud walls to provide the best level of sound insulation.

Utilising the isolation the AcoustiClip provides when applied directly to solid walls or a stud frame reduces direct sound transfer through the structure of the wall.

Combining decoupling clips with high-mass acoustic insulation slabs, dense soundproof plasterboard, and mass-loaded vinyl will ensure the best soundproofing for an existing wall.

The most common methods of soundproofing a wall against a noisy neighbour are to use either direct-to-wall panels or a soundproof system.

Applying a panel to the wall is the slimmest solution and will help reduce lower-level airborne sounds. Our most effective soundproof panel is the Noisestop Sielnt Panel.

The most effective solution for sound insulating a wall against a noisy neighbour would be to use the AcouastiClip System.

A soundproof system will block a greater noise level and reduce airborne and vibration sounds.

The AcoustiClip Direct System is the best for soundproofing party walls without compromising living space. Applied to the wall, it forms an isolated acoustic wall that does not require an additional stud frame.

The most effective way to soundproof a stud wall is to increase its mass and create separation within its structure.

Use acoustic insulation inside the stud wall to add mass and reduce sound from resonating inside the cavity.

Applying the AcoustiClip to the stud frame will reduce sound transfer. This sound isolation clip absorbs sound that would normally vibrate through the studs.

Combining dense soundproof plasterboard with acoustic mass-loaded vinyl will further increase the mass and improve the sound-dampening of the stud wall. The Noisestop 1 plus Panel supplied with all our soundproof kits is supplied pre-bonded with the vinyl membrane.

As an alternative to a system, slim direct-to-wall panels like the Noisestop Silent Panel can reduce lower-level airborne sounds.

The best soundproofing materials for walls will add mass, create separation and increase sound absorption.

Acoustic insulation is widely used inside stud wall cavities to absorb sounds and add mass to lightweight stud walls.

Sound isolation clips absorb vibration sounds as they transmit through the wall. Applying the AcoustiClip to stud walls or solid walls decouples the wall, reducing vibration sounds.

Soundproof plasterboard has a higher density than standard plasterboard and should be used when fitting an acoustic wall.

Soundproof membranes are another way to improve the wall’s ability to absorb sound and increase density.

Soundproof panels combine an acoustic soundboard with mass-loaded vinyl, which, when applied to the wall, adds mass and improves the wall’s sound absorption.

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