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Noisedeck 36 Floating Floor

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noisedeck 36

36mm floating floor upgrade timber separating floors to comply with Part E

Noisedeck 36 is designed to reduce sound transmission through existing applications. It consists of 22mm moisture resistant chipboard bonded to a triple layer acoustic composite. Install as a floating floor which must not be nailed or screwed to the floor or joists. Floating floors are widely used to soundproof new build and conversion projects as well as increaseing the sound insulation of floors in music rooms and home cinemas.

Product Specification 

Noisedeck 36 combines 22mm moisture resistant chipboard bonded to a layer of 14mm acoustic layer. Acoustic layer consists of two layers of high grade foam either side of a 5mm layer of high density rubber.

  • Dimensions 2400mm x 600mm
  • Thickness 36mm
  • Weight 32kg
  • Area Coverage 1.44m²

 Acoustic Performance 

  • Airborne sound insulation 47dB
  • Regs require <43dB
  • Impact sound insulation 55dB
  • Regs require >64dB


Noisedeck boards should be installed as a floating floor, they should not be screwed or nailed to joists as this can result in sound transmission through the fixings. Lay over an existing floor or directly to the joists in a brick bond pattern. Before the boards are laid an isolating tape should be stuck around the edge of the room where the flooring will meet the walls. Isolating the floor from the walls will reduce sound transfer along the floor and into the walls, reducing the possibility  of flanking noise. The boards have a tongue and groove edge on four sides which will interlock. Ensure each edge has wood glue applied to it before locking them together. Wipe away any excess glue as you go. Once the boards are installed you are now ready to lay your final floor finish. If you are installing this flooring in a new build or conversion you should have the sound test done before the final floor finishes are installed. This could save time and money having to remove them so the floor can be tested.

Due to the size of these boards a minimum order quantity applies, if you require less than the minimum order please call us to arrange delivery.


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