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NSSF7 Plus Floor System 15mm

Price:  £25.46

Soundproof your floors with the NSSF7+ acoustic underlay to reduce impact sound transfer between floors, soundproofing for wooden floors, tiled floors and laminate flooring

Acoustic underlays are designed to stop impact sound transmission through wooden and concrete floors, they will also help reduce airborne noise, combine with DFM acoustic insulation for excellent impact and airborne noise reduction for wooden floors.

Untreated floors that have solid floor finishes such as tiled flooring, engineered wooden floors and laminate flooring will generate a lot of impact noise for rooms below. The NSSF7+ acoustic underlay is laid over the sub-floor, beneath the chosen floor finish to act as an effective resilient layer between the two surfaces, reducing impact sound generated by footfall or furniture being moved across the floor. NSSF7+ is easy to handle and install, it is supplied in 1200mm x 600mm sheets which are laid over the floor with the edges butted together; the mats can be cut to fit any shape with a sharp knife or heavy duty scissors. The NSSF7+ can be installed by homeowners or carpet and floor fitters before the flooring is installed.

The NSSF7+ is 15mm thick and consists of three layers, two layers of absorbant foam sandwiching a single layer of high density rubber barrier mat. This combination of materials is highly effective at stopping sound transmission going into the floors structure. When soundproofing a floor to stop impact noise stopping the sound at the source is more effective than trying to stop it after the sound has transferred into the structure of the building.

The NSSF7+ can be used to soundproof separating floors to comply with Part E Building Regulations when combined with a suitable ceiling, Ceiling System 2 or equivalent can be used to soundproof new build and conversion projects for Part E.

The NSSF7+ has been used to comply with leases that state only carpets or equivalent can be used in flats, when used below solid floor finishes it will be equal to or better than the acoustic performance required in these cases.


The NSSF7+ matting can be laid in a brick bond pattern on the floor lay over wooden or concrete floors for maximum protection against impact noise. The NSSF7+ mat can be cut with a sharp knife or heavy duty scissors to fit any shape. If you are using the NSSF7+ for Part E you will need to bond the matting to the sub-floor with a suitable adhesive.

Product Information

  • Dimensions 1200mm x 600mm
  • Thickness 15mm
  • Weight 10kg
  • Airborne Sound Insulation 42db
  • Impact Sound Insulation 59dB
  • Two layers of 5mm high grade acoustic foam bonded to 5mm high density mass loaded vinyl

Product information



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