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Soundproofing Enclosures

Soundproofing Enclosures

Soundproofing enclosures to soundproof domestic pumps and machinery

Enclosures can be used to dampen sound from server cabinets, shower pumps, machinery and generators amongst other things. These are typically constructed of wood or metal and the enclosure is then lined with one or more materials to enclose and absorb sound. We have a range of materials available to soundproof such enclosures.

The most common materials that we supply for this type of problem are listed below, the soundproofing foams are very good inside enclosures as they reduce noise reverberating and amplifying inside the enclosure. The Barrier Shield will increase the mass of an enclosure when lined on the sides and top. For larger enclosures materials such as the Dense Fibre Matting can be used as well.

We are also able to offer solutions for car soundproofing and soundproofing boats for DIY soundproofing projects. We offer soundproofing foams and sound deadening dense rubber mats that can be used is small or large enclosures to reduce noise from engines and other problem areas.

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