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Soundproofing Installations


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Floor Soundproofing

Floor soundproofing to soundproof floors, floor insulation materials including floating floors, acoustic underlays and acoustic insulation noise reduction for noisy neighbours

Soundproof a floor for increased noise reduction in separating floors use DFM acoustic floor insulation between joists for increased noise reduction of wooden floors to stop airborne sounds. Acoustic insulation for floors will reduce the noise generated by noisy neighbours transferring through floors.

Use an acoustic underlay, NSSF7 or NSSF7+ mats to stop impact noise transmitting through wooden and concrete flooring, acoustic underlay or the Barrier Shield can be used to reduce airborne sounds transferring through timber separating floors. Quick and easy to install below carpet, wooden flooring, laminate and tiled floors.

Soundproof separating floors using our Noisedeck range of floating floors to soundproof wooden or concrete floors, combine with 100mm floor insulation and a double plasterboarded ceiling to ensure current Building Regulations are met. Acoustic mats can be used to upgrade a floor that has failed a pre-completion test. For help and advice on how to soundproof floors use this guide How to Soundproof Floors.

Floor soundproofing materials

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