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Party Wall Soundproofing Solutions

Party Wall Soundproofing Solutions

Party Wall Soundproofing Solutions

Effective party wall soundproofing solutions from Noisestop Systems. How to soundproof your walls against noisy neighbours. Noisestop Systems provides various solutions for party walls, slim direct to wall solutions and complete wall soundproofing kits. Restore quiet to your home with these DIY friendly soundproofing solutions. Find out which party wall soundproofing solutions work best for you.

Deciding which party wall soundproofing solutions to choose

Two key factors when considering soundproofing for party walls. How much noise are you trying to stop? How much space can you afford to lose? The answer is usually we would like as much soundproofing for a minimal amount of space loss. We find that customers often choose solution over cost.

To save space, choose thin direct to wall soundproofing panels. For higher levels of soundproofing, the wall kits are more effective. Space loss versus soundproofing, we will attempt to show the pros and cons of each party wall solution in this guide.

Soundproofing for party walls without compromising living space with direct to wall solutions

Soundproofing panels or direct to wall soundproofing solutions ensure space loss to the room is minimal. This type of panel effectively reduces lower to medium levels of sound like conversation and TV noise. Noisestop Systems supply a range of direct to wall soundproofing solutions. The Noisestop Acoustic Panel and the Noisestop2+ Panel are our most popular stand-alone wall soundproofing panels for party walls.

We recommend these panels when we are told that soundproofing is required, but space loss has to be kept to a minimum. The Noisestop2+ Panel can be bonded directly onto a plastered wall surface or the brick. The Noisestop Acoustic Panel can be fitted directly to any wall surface using screws or a suitable adhesive. Both of these panels can be added to a stud frame solution for increased levels of performance.

Soundproofing a party wall using a combination of products for high levels of soundproofing

Party walls that require high levels of soundproofing often need complete soundproof walls. Combinations of materials will achieve the best levels of soundproofing in your home. for the best results, use a stud framework insulated with acoustic insulation, soundbreaker bars and a soundproof wall panel. The additional mass and separation these systems create will reduce higher levels of sound between a party wall.

If you have approximately 90mm to lose, then using Wall System1 would be the method we would recommend to soundproof your party wall effectively. If you don’t have that much space but can afford approximately 45mm, we recommend Wall System 2 as a good alternative to the thicker solution.

We know that choosing the right solution for your walls can be difficult, and we hope this post has helped. If you would like more help, please call us 01423 339163 or send us an enquiry via our contacts page. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and ensure you get the right solution for your party wall.


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